monthly makeover 4

This is probably going to be the shortest blog post ever, but it's a Saturday night, which means lounging on the couch watching TV at our house. And I'm missing it, so on to the good stuff...
New month, new blog background! This time it came from Aqua Poppy Designs, which ranks right up there with  Shabby Blogs as a great place to find free backgrounds. I think all of mine have been from these two sites, and I can say that there isn't a background on those sites that I don't like! Click the picture in the top left hand corner to visit Aqua Poppy Designs, and see if you have a hard time deciding what background to pick like I did. I spent about fifteen minutes scrolling up and down, up and down, on the "Flower" page, beating myself up about picking a blog background. I think the internal dicussion went something like this:
My mind: "Man, this is sooo hard!"
Me: "No, it's really not. Just pick already before I go insane!"
My mind: "But the background has to be good, or I'm going to have to stare at a ugly background for a whole month because you know once I pick one, I can't go back and change it. That's dishonest...or something." 
Me: "No one would know."
My mind: "I would. And I'd probably never get over it."
Me: "Somebody help meee..."
Okay, so that's not how it went exactly, but it's pretty close. Somebody label me now. I'm sure if I told the doctor, he'd say I have OCD or something. But I wouldn't believe him, because I mean, what does he know? It's not like he went to college, plus four years of medical school or anything. Oh wait, he did. So I'd have to believe him...
And, just for the record,  I did read all your comments on my last monthly makeover post, plus written out a whole post on the subject of the font, but it never was approved. I am really, truly sorry for all the strain I put on your eyes, and I'm making a resolution to not be so stubborn. Another resolution: commenting. Um...we'll see about that!
Hey, this post wasn't that short after all. But all the rambling kinda cancels out the length, doesn't it?


  1. The new background is beautiful! It looks like so much like spring. And the font is much easier on the eyes. ;-) Hope you're having a blessed day!

  2. I just wanted to tell you did a great job!!! The background is beautiful!!

  3. hey, hey, miss robin! glad you could comment. also glad that you made no reference to my convos that i carry on in my head. :)