halloween '12

It's about to get real scary up in here ya'll! LOL NOPE. Horror isn't my thing, so here's some cute little Halloween funnies:


Happy Halloween!
All pictures via my Tumblr...none of these images are mine. So don't turn me into the blogging police. Kthanksbai.
Happy mid-week readers! 


almost wordless wednesday {FALL YA'LL}

Holey Toms. No shame.
 BECAUSE FALL. Because I roll my windows down on the drive home, I wake up wrapped up in blankets, drink hot tea all day every day, and eat pumpkin things. Because of all this, I took pictures of the fall scenes around the ol' farmhouse. You're welcome.

Go and enjoy fall, readers. Promise me you will, because there's no other season that compares.

Pea ess: Sorry I'm not sorry for the title. I couldn't resist the cheesiness.
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scenes from the weekend

ECU game with Kaley. We demolished them.

 ECU has the best crowds...we did the wave FOUR times around and got started on a fifth.

Weekly dose of Twig cuteness. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Kinda in love with this photo. Taken in the early hours of Sunday morning.


Self portraits work so well (LOL NOT).

 My homecoming outfit. I felt so fall-y.

Not pictured? Work. School. Work & school, school & work. Plus homecoming at church, which meant GOOD food.

I hope your weekend was great, readers.


hello monday {49}

{hello monday}
{hello sunny [but chilly!] morning}
{hello alarm}
{hello CFA training online}
{hello breakfast}
{hello movie for Psych class}
{hello getting ready for work}
{hello lonely drive to CFA}
{hello rare busy Monday at work}
{hello cutting up & encouraging coworkers}
{hello employee meal YUM!}
{hello lonely drive home}
{hello eating dinner and reading Critical Thinking}
{hello more CFA training}
{hello talking to Miss Melanie [she had me crying from laughter. I love her.]}
{hello shower}
{hello Psych notes & reading quiz}
{hello catching up on blogs and Tumblr}
{hello TV time with Mom}
{hello Jesus time}
{hello sweet, sweet bed}
{hello monday}
This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Don't forget to link up in Lisa's comments as well!


scenes from the weekend

 photographed this cutie's 2nd birthday party. 

Clark's birthday lunch at the Carolina Ale House


Mom & Dad got the same thing. They are perfect for each other.

Chicken & cheese & peppers & onions all in a tortilla folded over. Better known as a quesadilla.

pretty dress bought for me by my rachie! goodness, she is too sweet to me.

Pearl studs that are always in my ears. Also: thinking about getting a second ear piercing. Thoughts?

Twig and her main man: JB bear.

It's a special love they share.
Not pictured? Recovery. Which meant lots of rest, fluids, etc. Catching up on my Jesus time outside in the sunshine. Movies. LOTS OF MOVIES. HGTV was always on, and I seemed to have found a new love for Sherlock. I could stare at him all day, and I can't bring myself to watch the Series 2 finale. Church and a great youth group. Plus a surprise visit from the Bolands. Seeing my boy was the perfect way to end my week :)

I hope your weekend was lovely, readers.


hello monday {48}

{hello monday}
{hello rainy day AGAIN}
{hello a little extra sleep}
{hello breakfast}
{hello CFA online training [so.much.training]}
{hello chores}
{hello getting ready for work}
{hello rainy drive to work BY MYSELF}
{hello CFA, how I missed thee!}
{hello CFA employee meal}
{hello rainy drive home}
{hello home sweet home}
{hello hot shower to get off the chicken smell}
{hello more CFA training}
{hello chicken pot pie for dinner yum!}
{hello kitchen clean up}
{hello editing pictures to Kimbra}
{hello working on some blog posts}
{hello hot cuppa watching Castle}
{hello Jesus time}
{hello sweet bed}
{hello monday}
This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Don't forget to link up in Lisa's comments as well!


remember that time i got so sick i had to go home from work?

And remember when I spiked a fever of 103 three afternoons in a row? And when I had to call in sick to work on Friday and couldn't quit laughing on the phone about it because my fever was so high I was loopy? AND do you remember the time I went to the doctor and they tested me for mono and my gag reflex although caused me to throw up on the nurse when she stabbed the back of my throat for a strep test? AND DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS ALL HAPPENED OVER MY FALL BREAK?!

Yeah, good times.


My body finally decided to say enough and give me a little wake up call telling me I needed to chill for a couple days. I'm better now, just in time to go photograph a kiddo's birthday party and take an exam (yes an exam OVER FALL BREAK. my life). Yay me!

I hope your weekend was better than mine readers, because unexplained viruses kinda ruin a weekend. Speaking from experience DUH.


i'm hilarious and i know it

Because no pictures of moi have outtakes that go with them. I made Rachel cry at one point, and then I lost it when I got locked out of the changing stall and had to crawl under it. 
So tough. LOLZ NOPE.


I'm part lizard in case you didn't know.


"Oh you think I'm a professional? You silly person you."

So girly.

Classic SA face.


I just don't know what to do in front of a camera!

I find myself really funny. Well, that and the poses Rachel made me do.

I just loved wall OK?
This is like Adventures with Rachel: Things Get Real Edition. Half of the pictures where like this, the other my sassy model side came out. Sassy should be my middle name, methinks.

Go take some silly pictures, readers. It does a soul good.