scenes from the weekend

I gots all fancy-like for waitressing!

Believe me little adorable cow, I eat so much chicken.

Numbered tables I kept getting mixed up. Waitressing is hard yo.

But it was oh so fun. I got the honor of waiting on the owners wife and family friends!

Being the salt of world. I'm bringing the flavor of Jesus to the world guys!

Just a little outfit I threw together that morning. Also? I'M STILL TAN. WHAT?!

ACTS at the Edwards...oh yeahhh!

Conner photobombs.

Kaley and our little "sister" Margaret.

Be jealous of our cool shoes.

MK and I.

Rachie stole my camera and got some pricless shots. The right one she got when she said "Make an 'I miss Jack' face.

Miss Cindy wondering why the Coble boys are so weird.

I flippin' LOVE these girls. One's been my friend for years, and one's been my friend for only months. But you couldn't tell which is which because they are both so special to me. (L to R:Rachel, moi, and Kaley).

Tanner, the older Coble brother. He's just so funny.

Conner was like me that night: "NO PICTURES!"

For once, nothing was unpictured. This was basically my weekend: CFA and youth group. And I'm cool with that.


how to kick off the weekend right

The Coffee Shack and I have become reaquainted after a long summer apart. I spend countless hours there in between work and being picked up, not to mention Rachel and my DW days! Studying is just more enjoyable (wow is that even possible?!) with a good dose of sugar and caffiene in my system.

My usual: small Mocha Frappe with lots of whipped cream + chocolate. Yeahhh baby.

And this is how I kick off a weekend: cup of tea in hand and friends playing some awesome music in the background.

Mom stayed and had tea with me too.

You can see just how close CFA is to the CS...that little red dot is the sign! Also? Beautiful sunset, no?

The CS is so cozy at night.
I hope my readers get to indulge in a coffee shop visit this weekend. I'll be with you in spirit, sipping my English breakfast tea whilst buried under a pile of books. Fun times.


happy 21st sam!

the most recent photo of her & I  is from the 4th. shameful.
Readers, I don't think you understand just how special the relationship between Sam & I is. I know so many people that can't stand their extended family, but I love mine to death and I especially love this girl. She is one of those family members that is not just a relative, but a best friend and you guys, she still is! My childhood memories are mostly sleepovers with Samantha, something that's continued over the years. She's always up for an afternoon by the pool following by some late night TV. Summer is not the same with Sam and this summer we grew even closer.

So happy birthday Sam...love you cousin!


scenes from the weekend

Pj's all day and a messy bun.

Windows open ALL.THE.TIME.

Studying. Bleh.

Playing with my kitty baby who's not a little baby anymore :( Also, driving that beautiful car behind her.

This was my fuel throughout studying: Dr. Pepper & CFA brownies.

Lots of Coffee Shack time has taken place.

Sitting on our couch.
Not pictured? Well there was a lot of sun and rain if that makes sense. NC is so bipolar. Plus sleep and food and youth group and basically the same thing as my last scenes from the weekend except a day off and the Bolands were thrown into the mix. So much happiness. Let's be real: I live a boring but pretty dang great life.


hello monday {47}

{hello monday}

{hello 8AM alarm}
{hello morning of studying}
{hello getting ready for work}
{hello driving to CFA}
{hello to one of those days where you couldn't do anything right}
{hello finally off}
{hello free employee meal and more studying}
{hello new Bible Study at the Ruckers!}
{hello drive home with Dad}
{hello MORE studying}
{hello quiz}
{hello shower}
{hello late night texting with Hannah}
{hello sleep}

{hello monday}

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thursdays are doctor who days

Rachel and I anxiously awaited the arrival of the new series of Doctor Who, and for the past two Thursdays we have met up at the Coffee Shack to enjoy some seriously yummy food and watch that weeks episode. Don't even get me started on this new series, ya'll. The feelings this show produces is amazing. I teared up at the first and laughed my head off in the second.





Even though we're getting cable (welcome to the 21st century I know) tomorrow and I will be able to watch it unspoiled by Tumblr, we're still keeping our Thursday free for watching Doctor Who. Because I mean, why in the world would I give up time at my favorite place with my best friend watching my favorite show? I mean really.

Happy DW day Thursday, readers.

Pea ess: all pictures from my Tumblr. The amount of DW feelings and GIFS and jokes I post on there is embarassing. LOL NOT because I'm a Cyberman and I do not have feelings. And if you didn't get that reference, get thee to Netflix and start watching Doctor Who already!


almost wordless wednesday {twig}


Happy Wednesday, readers. Go find a kitten and snuggle it.


never forget

via my Tumblr.

I was 6 when my dad came back from work when the sun was still shining one fall day. I remember trying to be the center of attention but my dad ignored me and watched the TV for hours. I knew something was wrong but it wasn't until years later I realized that the only America I really, fully understood and know was the post 9/11 America. The America that proved just how much we all cared for one another and stick together when tragedy strikes America.

Today I cried when Proud to Be an American came on the radio because I will never forget. I will never forget those people on the plane, losing their lives simply because the terrorists chose their plane. I cried for their families and them never getting to say a proper goodbye. I cried because I will never forget, and no American should.


you know you live in Pirate Nation when...

...your workplace orders custom plush cows to give tailgaters. I asked for one to put in my room because I mean they are just so cute and I'm a Pirate and ARGGGHHH.

We won our first game (and I survived the first game day at CFA). Too bad we got slaughtered today (45 to 10). One thing you can't accuse my family of being is a fair weather fans...we stick with our teams. Even if we really do stink.

Happy Saturday readers! Here's to college football.


cbs '12

We're back in these oh-so familiar hallways...

...and we're jumping for joy!

so gangster.
We're back to waking up early every Thursday and doling out goldfish to calm down little kiddos. I love it. Serving Jesus is awesome, readers.

"Snap goodbye, I'll see ya later...lemme see your alligators!"

That was me signing off like how we do at the end of music time. You're welcome.


hello monday {46}

{hello monday}
{hello day off for everyone}
{hello sleeping in [until 10:45!]}
{hello waking up with Mom and Twig playing in my room}
{hello breakfast and Doctor Who}
{hello chores}
{hello studying for Psych test tomorrow}
{hello Samantha [she came over for one last afternoon of laying out]}
{hello Paul Ryan on TV}
{hello finally finished with the practice test}
{hello afternoon by the pool}
{hello two sodas [i had such a sugar high]}
{hello falling asleep outside}
{hello more swimming, more sun, more soda}
{hello dinner}
{hello shower}
{hello laughing and family time}
{hello QT}
{hello lights out}
{hello monday}
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welcome September {a new blog look}

Sorry for the silence on ye ol' blog, readers! You really are the best for sticking with me through my OHMYWORD I CANNOT STAND THE WAY MY BLOG LOOKS MUST CHANGE IT NOAWH moods I have sometimes. They are frequent, and fierce.

For example, this weekend SSA was kinda looking like a hot mess. BUT! Even though there's a couple things I'm in the process of perfecting, it's looking like fall over in this corner of the interwebs I like to claim as my own. Shout out to my blogging friend who is not just a blogging friend anymore but a best friend even though I never tackled hugged her Emily who did the whole no header thing for me. Thank you Em!

Bring on the sweaters, tea, and bonfires. Oh yeah and there's that thing called school but ya know, God's blessed me with an easy load this semester and I intend on enjoying the season instead of being buried in textbooks and not a pile of leaves.

Pea ess: My ever-fangirling (Hello new season of Doctor Who!) Tumblr was updated as well to look quite similar to my Blogspot. Check it out here!