scenes from the weekend

Pj's all day and a messy bun.

Windows open ALL.THE.TIME.

Studying. Bleh.

Playing with my kitty baby who's not a little baby anymore :( Also, driving that beautiful car behind her.

This was my fuel throughout studying: Dr. Pepper & CFA brownies.

Lots of Coffee Shack time has taken place.

Sitting on our couch.
Not pictured? Well there was a lot of sun and rain if that makes sense. NC is so bipolar. Plus sleep and food and youth group and basically the same thing as my last scenes from the weekend except a day off and the Bolands were thrown into the mix. So much happiness. Let's be real: I live a boring but pretty dang great life.

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  1. girl, right now I would KILL for boring! (lol not literally. ^_-) I've been so busy, that I would so enjoy a quiet moment of reading in the lovely fall weather without feeling guilt of something not getting done.