worship music wednesday

I'm really into ukulele (or whatever that instrument is that makes me feel like I'm at the beach) sounding music right now, so when I heard this song, I fell in love. It doesn't help that I'm also in love with Train's Hey Soul Sister. :)
(As always, make sure you turn off my playlist before you click the play button on the video below!)

You say love is just a word,
just four letters in a row.
Just a thing that people say,
or they never tell you so.
And you use every excuse, to let nobody in.
Now this cloud you bring around, has become your only friend.
And everybody saying that it's going to go away,
But it dont go.
And everybody's telling you one day it's going to change,
But you don't know.
If it's really going to end.
But there is a way,
There is a spark,
There is a hope that you can hold on to.
There is a life line come to the rescue,
Just like a hand that's waiting for you.
And if you beleive in this I promise that you won't be alone.
There is a way, the truth, and the life, and the way.
What if love became a man, If the word had flesh and bone.
Would you recognize his face, If he came to bring you home?
You think you're all alone, Gotta do it on your own riding solo.
Is there someone you can call when you stumble and fall? Cause you don't know, If you'll be getting up again.


Don't you think your life's worth saving? Don't you know that love's amazing?
Don't you want to lay your troubles down?
Lay them down.
If I thought love was just a word,
I might feel the same way too.
But theres so much more than that,
And it's waiting here for you.


There is a way,
There is a way!
There is a way.
Come on, there is a way.
There is a way,
There is a way.

almost wordless wednesday: hands

You know how you get wrinkly hands after being in warm water until it turn lukewarm? Well, that little phenomenon is multiplied by 50 million when you spend a hour and a half in 93 degree water (ie: our pool last weekend. yes, it was like bathwater, and no, we didn't grab a bar of soap and start sudsing up. :). Yep, I'm speaking for experience. Look at the pictures below to see for yourself...


one of those days

It's been one of those days.
I woke up way before my alarm went off, although I had it set for ample wiggle room to get ready for the day. I dozed on and off, then decided to just get a head start and take my shower. Turns out I made a wise descion, but I still didn't have enough time! Ugh. I barely made it out the door, without breakfast mind you, but with dry hair, which was my goal for the day. :)
I wasn't hungry at all, resulting in eating a half of a bagel at 10:45AM. I pretty much force fed myself because I knew I'd regret not eating when lunch time rolled around. And let me tell you, lunch wasn't any better. Leftover pasta salad for Mama and I, while the kids had mac and cheese with strawberries/bananas. I couldn't even look at the brightly colored powdered cheese mix you're supposed to put in the noodles without thinking of what it was doing, and looking like, in their stomachs. I'm weird like that...
All through my personal drama, which mostly stayed in me head, I was fine. Laughing at Clark and Caleb, watching TV with Sam. But something happened in between leaving their house, and I was a grumpy goat the whole rest of the time we were in town. It might have had something to do with the fact that we didn't get to go to Target like we planned, or maybe it was when I got the news that I couldn't work part time at the local gym, which I was counting on. Seems like everyone wants you to be 16...and able to drive. What if you're a really mature 15 year old who's parents are willing to drive her to work? She needs to make money, too!
I'm fine now; really, I am. I think it might have something to do with the fact that it's raining, or maybe it's because I know I can chill out the rest of the day and watch my favorite show tonight. In fact, I'm feeling so much better (i.e. I don't feel like screaming in my Dad's office like I did earlier when we went to visit him. That would have been very unprofessional of me. ), how about I leave you with some pictures that I took this week? Maybe that might help smooth things over between me and my bloggy peeps, since I emotionally vomited all over your feed. Haha, I'm so clever...and I crack myself up, too. :D


simple woman's daybook for june 28th

Alright, guys, you know the drill! Another Monday means another Simple Woman's Daybook, so head on over to Peggy's to read up on all the rules and regulations, then come back and type up your own post, link up and...volia! You've just particapted in the blog carnival that is known as The Simple Woman's Daybook. I don't care if spell check thinks that "Daybook" isn't really a word; I'm still going with it.
For today...June 28th, 2010. As I was sitting in church looking at the bulletin, I saw the date and realized that summer's halfway through. I still can't believe it, and I keep running dates through my head, calculating how many days until school cranks back up. 
Outside my window...Same old, same old. The sun is relentless, I tell you! I guess that's a good thing, though, since we wouldn't be able to live without it. :)
I am thinking...About how sweet Clark was to ask me to come out and swim with him. He never really asks/tells me he's getting in, so it was pretty nice. 
From the learning rooms...I was a good girl and did my schoolwork after my friends left, even though it was 5:00 when I started. And, get this...I wasn't stumped on as many as I have been recently. I feel pretty good about me and my math skills at this moment!
From the kitchen...Mama's cooking supper, and when I asked her what was on the menu, she said it was a surprise, so we'll see. 
I am wearing...See the picture Mama snapped below. I got it from a little store at the beach when we were on vacation, and I love it! 

I am creating...Let's see. I know I created something, but I'm sorry to say I forgot what it was. Come on, brain, remember it already.
I am going...Out to swim after I finish this post. What? That's not really an answer? Well, sorry, folks; that's the answer you'll have to live with.
I am reading...I'm finished with the book I was reading last week, and I've moved on to the next one in the series. I read really fast, and my book addiction doesn't help my wallet, either!
I am hoping...To not make Clark mad by staying in and wrapping up this post. I always seem rushed when I blog, no?
I am hearing...Just the computer humming. It sounds like a airplane taking off, it's so old.
Around the house... Quiet, but I'm sure it will pick up here directly. 
One of my favorite things...My new camera, no duh! :) I've taken (and deleted!) a bunch of pictures this past week, and it's not going to stop anytime soon.
A few plans for the rest of the week...Pretty much the same as last week, actually. Baby-sitting tomorrow and Thursday, errands to run, and people to see. 
Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...


five reads for friday, plus summer with a purpose

Two blog-this-on-this-day-of-the-week combined into one post?! Can it be done? Is it breaking the unspoken laws of blogging 101? Who knows, but I'm not letting it stop me...
First of all, this Five Reads For Friday installment is the Summer with a Purpose edition. What's SWAP? Well, I'm glad you asked! Emily at My Life Belongs to Him decided that she needed to break the pattern that so many of us adopt once school is over: becoming a couch potato. I'm so guilty of spending way too much time in front of a screen, whether it be computer, TV, or anything else, so I really thought hard about it, and told Mama about my decision, and guess what? She decided to join me also! Pretty cool, huh?
Since I missed the first week of this particular blog carnival, I'm combined both weeks, so brace yourselves...

  • I know this is on most everyone's list, but finishing school, namely math, is really high on the priority list. In order to keep up with other homeschoolers in my grade, I need to get cracking on it. Mama isn't pushing really hard, and I do have some days where I don't do a lesson, but there's the days where everything clicks and I do two lessons instead of one. It's touch and go, but I'm getting there.

  • Getting in some sewing practice. I know this is one that is on a lot of other people's list also, but I have some dresses that are currently being held together by pins...and some that just plain need to be made a little more modest. Mama and I are going to make some tote bags out of old t-shirts, so be sure to check back each installment to see how they look. 
  • Finding (and completing) a do-it-yourself devotional. I'm not sure what the deal is, but it seems like all the bible studies end when you have the most free time. Plus, summer is when you can get really out of touch with God, so I'm determined not to be a victim. Anyone have a good, inspiring book and/or devotional that they really liked? Leave your suggestions in the comments, please!
  • Setting goals/ time limits on the computer. I struggle in that area, but this week was different since we were in town a lot. I know there are going to be days where I'm stuck at home, so I really need to keep myself accountable. Ya'll, help me with it, okay?
  • Finding more baby-sitting jobs. Seems like the offers slowed down in summer, when you'd think they'd pick up. Oh well, maybe I'll even look for a part-time job at a local nursery! Who knows what I could land in the job field?
  • Last, but not least since I know I'm forgetting something :), keeping up with my regular and summertime chores. I've done pretty well with them, but there's always room for improvement, right?
Switching gears...
I had a pretty productive couple of days this week, which is pretty exciting. On Friday, I tackled dusting and vacuuming my room, along with putting away my clean clothes that sat in my chair way too long (pic below!)

I also helped Mama get a head start on CBS things. I never knew how hard it was, so it was a little of a rude awakening. Yes, I have the hard time of coloring this sheets for a display. :)
Lastly, I practiced my ironing skills, and did a pretty good job! 

Mama demonstrated how to properly iron white denim, and I've since figured out that I really dislike ironing. Oh well, better get used to it!
Now for the Five Reads For Friday part of the post...
Go HERE to see all the links, and to grab some ideas if you're brain just isn't thinking hard enough. Also, go HERE to see the most recent posts that all the participants have linked to.
I'll be back to my regular FRFF post next week, so check back then! Hope to see your blog on that list of links...


fix it friday

Sorry for my absense in the blogging world this week. Between watching the pastor's kids twice this week and volunteering at our church's VBS, things have been just a bit...busy. And tiring, but mostly just busy. Oh, and another things that happened this week? I was stung by my first yellow jacket, that was in my hair. Beforwe you think that I have a stinger in my skull, let me say this: when Clark told me I had one in my hair, I subsequently reached back and shook my hair. Turns out those little suckers can hang on for dear life! When I reached up again, then I was stung. Right on the hand, but at least it wasn't my right hand. I jumped and screamed and cried...then cried some more. Poor Sam and Caleb...they had to witness my ugly cry. :)
And that concludes my totally unnecessary story, but hey...I've updated you on my life so far. You can thank me later. Also? Here's the real reason for my post!
This week's photo (original):
My edit:
Popped the colors a little bit and cropped the mailbox out of the frame. I wish I could blur out the light pole thing because I'd have totally done that by now. By the way, boy in the picture...I love how you're going for that I'm too cool for you attitude!


worship music wednesday

Side note: this post was backtracked. It might be because I'm so OCD about some things, or maybe...yeah, I can't think of another reason. :)
On to the good, musical stuff...
Fist pump to you, Casting Crowns. Another winner, and apparently our local radio station loves you too, because your latest song is on at least twice a day. Bravo, but we really can't expect anything less, because you always crank out songs that are so appropriate and hit close to home.

Hear our cry, Lord we pray,
Our faces down, our hands are raised,
You called us out, we turned away, we’ve turned away.

With ship wrecked faith, idols rise,
We do what is right, in our own eyes,
Our children now, will pay the price,
We need Your light, Lord, shine Your light.

If we’ve ever needed You, Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now,
We are desperate for Your hand, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out.

All our hearts, all our strength,
With all our minds, we’re at Your fate,
May Your Kingdom come, in our hearts and lives,
Let Your Church arise, let Your Church arise!

If we’ve ever needed You, Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now,
We are desperate for Your hand, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out

If we’ve ever needed You, Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now,
We’re are desperate for Your hand, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out,
If we’ve ever needed You, Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now,
We are desperate for Your hand, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out

We need You now
Revive us now
We need You now

almost wordless wednesday: a new camera

First off, thanks for all the input on my new profile picture! But I'm afraid it all wasn't any good, because, well...

That's right; I finally got my beloved camera for my birthday!! I am beyond excited, and this post is truly an AAW. Now, if you'd be so kind as to vote on these pictures, a million bonus points to you. :)


simple woman's daybook for june 21st

Alright, guys, you know the drill! Another Monday means another Simple Woman's Daybook, so head on over to Peggy's to read up on all the rules and regulations, then come back and type up your own post, link up and...volia! You've just particapted in the blog carnival that is known as The Simple Woman's Daybook. I don't care if spell check thinks that "Daybook" isn't really a word; I'm still going with it.
For today...June 21st, 2010. The first day of summer, and let me tell you something, okay? It's felt like summer for over a month now, and I almost pass out when I think that this is what it should be like in August. That's two months away, folks, and to think we have even hotter temps in store...I can't think about that right now. 
Outside my window...The sun is, well, doing it's job and heating up the earth. Hey, sun? You can slack off on your job now, okay; the earth's getting a tad too hot here lately.
I am thinking...About my birthday post. Goes hand in hand with this one, really.
From the learning rooms...I struggled though math this morning, and ended up not finishing until after lunch. Oh well, I'm doing it at my own pace, and that's what homeschooling is all about!
From the kitchen...I put in my request for a grilled supper, but I'm not sure it will be granted. I even offered to do most of the chopping, but no dice, so we'll see what's on the menu tonight.
I am wearing...I've already been in the pool this afternoon, so I'm typing this in my bathing suit. What? That's not normal? Hate to break it to you, but I'm generally a abnormal person. :)
I am creating...I created a Father's Day card yesterday, so I'm just a little proud of myself. Thank you, thank you!
I am going...To upload some, er, a lot of pictures in the near future. As in, like, after I click the publish button on this post. 
I am reading...I just got a new summertime book by Beverly Lewis, and I'm already done with the first mini-book (it's 5 volumes in one). Perfect for sitting by the pool, like I did this afternoon. 
I am hoping...To finish this post, along with a bunch of others today. I promises you guys a birthday post, right? Can't back out now. 
I am hearing...Mama and Dad talking about the mower. If you know anything about our family, it's that we literally live on the riding mower in the summer, and now it's broken. Again. Happens every other time we crank it up, and it's a easy fix, but man...is it annoying!
Around the house...Everyone's laying low and gearing up for another trip outside to the pool. 
One of my favorite things...Birthdays. No duh! Actually, I don't like everyone making a big fuss, but I do like the part where I get to sleep in and Clark do my chores. :)
A few plans for the rest of the week...Hanging out with the pastor's kids tomorrow morning, coupled with some errands and a visit to a friend from CBS. Thursday might be a repeat of Tuesday, and that's pretty much it! Not much, like usual. 
A picture for thought I am sharing...This pretty much sums of my weekend!
Off to put the finishing touches on my birthday post. It's full of surprises, so hang on to your britches. Yes, I just said britches. :)


it's mah birfday!!

In case you didn't know, it's my birthday today. And, man, has it been one to remember...
I'm uber tired, or maybe I'm just coming off of that high you get when it's your special day, so this post isn't really going to be a picture post. That's coming later on this week...like, on Monday. Remember, no blogging on Sunday! :)
Instead, I'll leave you with a birthday of my birthday cheesecake...
See the 15 in candles?

A lot of surprises are coming your way, so be on the lookout!


five reads for friday

Second certain day of the week post today. Seriously, leave me a comment with your thoughts on the whole thing; I'm not a hater for speaking the truth.
"Jesus" by Kelly. Powerful stuff ya'll. I have to admit that I'm guilty of thinking the same thing, so this post really hit close to home.
"Sunday Afternoon" by Esther. She one of my fave non-professional photo bloggers, and I really wanted to recreate the third to last picture, but failed. Big time. Great job, thought, Esther!
"An Exercise in Self-Control" by AllisonO. Another post that hits close to home. I don't have a fancy pants phone, but I'm really trying to scale down my time on the computer. It helps that we've been busy the past couple days, but that won't last forever, and I'll need to exercise self-control on a whole new level.
"Big Day" by Lauren. She and her husband found out the gender of their baby yesterday, and I'm totally in love with the way she broke the news to her bloggy peeps. I'm filing it in my mental file drawer for future reference. Congrats, Lauren and Justin!
"You Let Your Kids Watch What" by Ellyn. She never fails to get on the list each week...and that's saying something! Also, I laughed so hard when I read the last paragraph, so go read it for yourself...

fix it friday

Yep, it's that day of the week again. I've now realized how it I really blog about without it being a certain day of the week post. Ya'll aren't getting tired of that are you, because if you are, feel free to leave me a comment saying so. I rarely ever get offended, and I really would appreciate feedback! Thanks in advance...
This week's photo (original):
Look at that cutie! I love how she's not looking directly at the camera, but off in the distance. I'm assuming someone's calling her name, so I guess that's the reason.
My edit:
Cropped it, and turned everything a pink-ish color too match her shirt. :) I'm so OCD most of the time...
Make sure to vote on my new profile picture, okay? I've only gotten one comment so far, but I'm not letting it get to me. Pretty please with a cherry on top!


worship music wednesday

That progress I made last week? All but gone. So, in lieu of racking my brain for a song I've heard and really felt like it spoke to me, I'm going with one that Mama and I heard when we were on the way into town this week.
As always, turn off my playlist at the bottom of the page before you click the play button on the video.

I lost You a second ago

Why are you in such a hurry when we just need to take it slow

It´s a struggle to keep up the flow
All caught up in the worry when we just need to let it go
Let it go

I´m a fighter and I don't like to quit
But I got orders from Heaven (orders from Heaven)
And believe me
I´m listening, I´m listening

Jesus tell me again
What´s it gonna take to sink in
That You´re my one reason
When the world comes crashing down on me
So hard to see
That You´re my one reason

Here in the present is the key to this heart
Throw down Your anchor of mercy
Hold me steady through this part
Nobody said it´d be easily done
Wrapped in the eye of the storm
There´s a message for everyone

It´s harder to do nothing than to do something
Harder to do nothing, nothing, nothing
And believe me
I´m listening
I´m listening

Jesus tell me again (oh yeah!)
What´s it gonna take to sink in
That You´re my one reason (One reason)
When the world comes crashing down on me (Comes crashing down)
So hard to see
That You´re my one reason

At the crossroads
Need to unload
At the crossroads
Need to unload
I´m at the crossroads
Need to unload
I´m at the crossroads crossroads crossroads

And believe me, I´m listening, I´m listening

Jesus tell me again (oh yeah!)
Whats it gonna take to sink in
That You´re my one reason (One reason)
When the world comes crashing down on me (Me)
So hard to see
That You´re my one reason (You are my one reason)

Make sure to vote on my new profile picture post! Go HERE and leave a comment, please and thank you...

almost wordless wednesday: a new profile picture

I don't know about you, but that scarf and turtleneck Mama's wearing in the background of my old profile picture is making me hot and sweaty whenever I so much as look at it. Isn't it weird how you shove all your fall/winter/anything that isn't made of the coolest material possible in the back of the closet so you don't have to look at it and think about how you'll have to wear it again? I know I avoid looking in that section of the closet at all costs.
Back to the original subject, SA! Okay, okay...
I new profile picture is in order, so comment with the corresponding number to the pictures saying which one you like best. You're opinion matters, you what are you waiting for? Comment already...please? :) 
Not real happy about this one, in fact, I'd have to say it's my least favorite. But, hey...it's a picture of me behind the camera, so it's worth consideration!
Took this one at Craft Day this week. I make smirk faces a lot, and this was the best of the best. Sorry I had to crop you out, though, Maddie...
Even though Lisa's in the picture, I still think this one's the best. Thoughts?
I look tired, actually. But I'm loving the color of my shirt! :)
Just took this one today, even though we were sweating like pigs for the two minutes we stepped outside. Although, I like the cross in the background. I'm torn between this one and number #3, which it pretty much the reason I'm doing a post; I can't make up my mind!
Looking forward to reading your comments!