almost wordless wednesday: board games

Here lately, we've been busting out the board games after dinner. Network TV boasts about it's summer season, but it's really not worth your time to watch shows that try and hold your attention for the alloted time slot they have. Except for Wipeout. Now that show is AWESOME!
Back to the board games, please. This is our ongoing Scrabble game, as per my suggestion a couple nights ago. Our family likes to see how long we can make the game last by using every last letter in the bag. So what if we spell words like dog and cat at the end of the game? A couple times we've used ALL the letters, so we chalked those games up as some of the best ever.
I'm not sure what that pencil's doing...Trying to be a word, perhaps? :)

The rest of the games we have are stored in the cabinet. See any of your faves?

I can beat you any day at Frame it! In fact, the reigning champ in our family, Alex, my cousin, is the only one I've yet to beat. Which is why she's the reigning champ. Duh!

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  1. Oh, I love Scrabble! It's so fun and addictive. :-) Great photos too, Sarah. Blessings!