five reads for friday

I changed the link color, so it was easier to know what to click to visit the blogs I linked to, and so it wasn't that hard on the eyes. You're welcome! :)
Choco Chip Cheescake by Meredith. Mama is convinced that she and Clark are going to make this for my birthday, and I'm all for it. I know Meredith wouldn't let me down; she does bake cheesecakes for a real restaurant in her area!
God is in Control of our Lives by Moriah. I need to know her secret, because she's already got over 15 followers on her blog...and she just started blogging! Do you know how long it took me to get 5? Months. But, really, it's a great post, along with a really cool picture. Great work, Moriah!
Inside and Out by Ellyn. Isn't it great when friends love you enough to hack into your account and write up a birthday post? I wish someone would do that for me. Hint, hint...nudge, nudge. :) Also, I'm in love with her name. I think I might name my child Ellyn, spelled that way too.
Coffee Smoothie by Joy the Baker. I need to try this, since my not so secret obsession with McD's frappe's has hit all time high. Check out all her recipes while you're over there, and make sure to search for pumpkins cookies. Everyone I shared them with was hooked! Seriously, to die for.
I know it's only four, but the blogging world isn't all that busy right now. All the blogs I follow are full of wordy posts this week, so I decided to stop here. Enjoy, though!

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