swimming with the cuz

Now I'm only mildly convinced that Blogger is the one to blame for all my uploading woes. Dad suggested that I try uploading less photos at a time, as opposed to the way I used to do it by uploading them all at once and coming back later on. I tried that, but it didn't really work out much better than before, so I tried Internet Explorer. I know, I know...I reverted back to the dark ages! That experience was even worse, so I gave up last night. I gave Blogger a break from all the pictures, and tried uploading three/four at a time this afternoon, and it worked, wonder of wonders. I'm still open to uploading via Flickr or Photobucket, but I'm just not sure. Thought or suggestions?
Back to what this blog post is really about!
On Thursday afternoon Sam came over to swim. The funny thing was that as I was getting out of the shower that morning, I thought about calling her to see what she was up to, and if she wanted to come out and swim. I've never known her to turn down a opportunity, unless she had to work, so I was pretty sure she'd say yes. When I turned off the TV and was getting ready to call, my phone rings and it's her! Anti-climatic, I know, but I thought it was funny that she and I had the same thing to say to each other.
Pictures, anyone? I've now discovered a love for taking pictures of everyday life and posting them, rather than waiting until something special comes along. You can thank me later...

I don't know why, but I have a fascination with the fact that the inner tube makes a green shadow! I think it made a great shot, but Clark was less than amused that he had to hold it still for me to take the picture.

Another new favorite thing: Jumping in the pool with the inner tube. Poor thing isn't going to last long, but we only paid $2 for it. Gotta love those weird stores in small towns where you've never seen a name brand in the place.
I totally got Dad to do a jump shot! I'm pretty proud of myself, actually.
And I'm even more proud of catching these two shots...

Shooting some hoops in the pool. I never noticed that I managed to get both basketball goals in the shot.

Clark was fed up with me taking pictures of him, so he shouted out something about the paparazzi and how they were relentless. They being me, obviously.
Sam and her glorious hair. Really, it's beautiful...like Taylor Swift's.
We took a break after a hour or so in the pool to eat a snack...and play some baseball! America's favorite game, ya'll.
Swing...and a miss. Sorry, bud. Maybe next time, okay? Now move, because it's my turn! :)
We play baseball in our bathing suits. Don't judge us!
For some reason, the ball was really white looking in the picture. Also, see my toes and flip-flop in there? Oops.
No baseball game is complete without fishing a ball out of the ditch. I think we played until they were all in there, then we gave up. Plus, it was hot out, so we were dripping all over the place. 
Walking back to the pool. See the black blob in the picture? We use shoes for our bases. 
I spy with my little eye a girl with a camera! See her?
After we went through a whole bag of popcorn, we jumped back in and stayed there floating until Mama came home. Can anyone say refreshing?
Samantha figured out how to get Clark to be quiet and not splash us. Why didn't we think of it before?
After all the Blogger hassles I've been through, I've decided to not do the Zoology co-op party pictures. Apologies all around! I promise I'll be back with more posts next week, so keep a look out, okay? 

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