fix it friday

No long, wordy explantion this week, just the pictures. And, to tell you the truth...I like it that way!
This week's photo (original):
I loved the angle to begin with, but, as most of the pictures for FIF, it was just not colorful enough. I know some photographers like the washed out look, and some edit the picture until it hurts to look at it because it's so bright. I'm in between, but I definitely like color in photos.
My edit:
Upped the brightness, saturation and color temp as high as it could go, along with bumping up the contrast just a bit. Also, cropping the photo wasn't necessary, but I did it anyway. Wow, I actually remembered what I did this time! Anyone want to pat me on the back?

I've got "Five Reads for Friday" scheduled for late tonight, so make sure you stop by tomorrow morning to see what posts really got me this week! And I promise that a real picture post, or two, is on its way.

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