clark’s first (and third) football game

Weekend here at out house can be summed up in one word: football. Football, football, football. I can honestly say that I now know a tad more than the basics on how to play a game, and I can even see questionable calls by the refs. Still, I’m not as into it as the guys, and I always go upstairs, lock my door, and try to work on some schoolwork.

And, now that Clark’s Upward season is in full swing, I decided that this post would be fitting since all we do is eat, sleep, and breath football on Saturdays, what with the game in the morning and ECU plays most afternoons.

That’s right, it’s Clark’s 1st football game…three weeks late! Oops…

Our new favorite picture of Clark:

clark1stfootball 006


clark1stfootball 016

A lot of plays ended up like this, and it was too funny to watch.

clark1stfootball 017

Clark’s team has won every game, but Upward, the Christian sports program he’s in, promoted good sportsmanship, so the team lines up and says congrats to the opposing team after the game…

clark1stfootball 038

Mama had to say congrats, too! Smile

clark1stfootball 046

I didn’t bring my camera to the second game, but I did bring it to the next (third) game. So, here’s some not-in-order shots from that game…

The coach and his posse:

football 026

football 028

football 033

My favorite of the day…

football 048

I had way too much fun with the still shots, so beware!

football 039

football 024

And, in case you couldn’t tell, ECU was playing, so everyone (and I mean everyone out there) was wearing purple…

football 059

football 065

Flattering, huh? Ha!

football 066

football 069

Dude, that’s going on my photo wall.

football 072

FYI, it was 5 degrees above freezing this morning. And we still have another month to go before it’s all said and done. Oy!


this and that

So, what have I been doing over the past two weeks while my blog issues were being resolved? Read below to find out…


SWAP4 007

Nothing new there. Besides an emotional breaksdown when someone just asked me how I was, it’s been going just fine. This week, at least.

{projects, projects, projects}

CBS3 036

CBS3 038

That’s right, I’m getting my craft on. So far I’ve made a camera strap that was a ruffle totally disproportionate to the actual width of the strap, started my plans for my giveaway (it’s in about 20 posts or so, so be on the lookout), signed up for Emily's Apron Swap, and various other things. As if I needed something else to do.

Those are the things that keep me holed up at home for four days out of the week. Things that keep me sane get me out of the house are below…

{CBS…or Community Bible Study for those of you who don’t know me}

CBS2 027

{all the girls have ridiculously cute hairstyles and bows}

CBS2 035

CBS2 049

CBS4 006

CBS4 009

CBS4 013

{sorry, not pics of the kid’s faces. privacy issues and all that…}

I’m the non-official assistant to the Children’s Director, sweet Martha-Duke (yep, that’s her first name), and it’s my second year doing it. If it’s possible to love something that’s not human, then I’d say this: I LOVE it! I love seeing the children’s faces as the say cheese, screaming the name Jesus at the top of their lungs when they know the bible story answer, and listening to them sing with the music at music time.

Other than that, the only other times I go places are to chemistry co-op, Clark’s football practices and games, plus my new Bible study. Yes, I live a totally glamorous life. Winking smile

So, now you know what my life is like when I’m not blogging. Nothing too entertaining, but I love it…



We interrupt our regularly scheduled posts to bring you these pictures…

rainbows 001

rainbows 004

rainbows 005

rainbows 013

rainbows 008

And when I turned around to go back inside, I saw this…

rainbows 015

rainbows 012

I have honestly been struggling with a multitude of things the past couple weeks, so when we looked up yesterday night to see this rainbow, I was in awe. In awe of God’s perfect timing, because I really needed Him to show His presence in my life.

12 And God said, "This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: 13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.14 Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, 15 I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. 16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." 17 So God said to Noah, "This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.”

Genesis 9:12-17

PS None of these pictures are edited. Just goes to show you you don’t need a fancy editing system to make your pictures look nice. That’s God’s job! Smile


the mystery is solved!


Finally, all my blogging problems are solved…for the moment, at least. First, it was the issue that Blogger wouldn’t upload my photos. Then, Flickr told me I had to buy more space after uploading ten photos, so I went to Photobucket. Everything was fine and dandy until I couldn’t find out how to upload the pictures to my blog without having to manually do it, or having them in a slideshow.

Then, my sweet blogging friend, Eden, who stuck it out and continued to chat with me even though all I could talk about was the issues I was having with blogging, suggested I use her program she uses to publish posts, Windows Live Writer. I quickly downloaded it, explored all the great options you have (like watermarking your photos and such) and started to write my first post. I was thrilled…until the program told me there was an error and couldn’t publish the post. Are you kidding me?! Apparently not, because I went through three days of changing little settings and trying over and over again to publish. That’s when I turned to the discussion boards. After going through them numerous times, posting an actual post asking for help, I got my answer!

Turns out I had run out of space on my blog to store the photos. That’s it; just ran out of space. A problem easily fixed by sweet talking, er, I mean asking nicely for my dad to buy my some space. 20MB’s for 5 bucks, and it’s last me about 20 years if he and I calculated right.

And that’s the recap, folks. Two plus weeks of this, and I’m just now figuring things out. Poor, tech challenged SA…

{just a sample of what WLW looks like. just like Microsoft Office 2007, if you ask me…}

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my new love, Windows Live Writer! A huge bear hug to Dad and Eden, along with the guy who’s name I can’t remember who replied to that discussion post, giving me the answer. A million bonus points to all of you!

Note: This post was backtracked. Since I could still work on posts and save them as drafts, I did so all week. Thus, they were ready to go when the payment went through.



Flickr has issues. Apparently I can only upload ten of them without running out of space and having to buy more space. Um, not happening. So, I tried Photobucket. Bingo! I've successfully uploaded the first batch of photos, so, for now, it's my new BFF. We'll see how it goes...
How do you like my excuses? Honestly, this week has been a total bummer what with school assignments popping up two days before they're due, and a bunch of other things that have taken their toll. Thus, no blogging.  Will a preview Friday for the upcoming week smooth things over? :) Just a note, some posts are from last week's preview post. I really wanted to post them, so I just wanted to give you guys a head's up!
{fall scenes}

{gussy and josiah's nest loot: repost}

{projects, projects, projects}

{brick wall}

{clark's 1st football game: repost}

Some other posts include my pumpkin cookie recipe with pictures I've yet to upload to PB, and, hopefully, pictures of this new coffee shop me and mama are going to tomorrow. It's supposed to be gorgeous inside, so I'm hoping it'll make for great times in the future...
Thanks for sticking with me, readers. Any and all suggestion on how to upload photo TO Blogger FROM Photobucket are so, so, so appreciated!


preview monday

Remember all those times I complained about Blogger being a pain when it came to uploading photos? Of course you do. Then, remember the time Blogger switched to Blogger Draft and had a way cool photo uploader thingy? I was in love with it, then the unthinkable happened. At first, I thought it was a glitch and left it alone for a day, hence no blogging on Fri. or Sat. But when I tried again today, it gave me this: "Server rejected. Oops! You've run out of storage space."
Are you kidding me? I have zero dollars to my name, so I can't purchase any more storage space. I honestly didn't know what to do, so I did what all bloggers have to do at some point. I made a Flickr account. I had totally made a vow to use my computer, even if it is a dinosaur, to upload photos straight from the files. But, alas, the say has come, and I have a Flickr account. Yet another thing I have to keep up with, another user and password to remember, too.

So, Preview Monday has become Preview Tuesday this week. Which is a good thing for me, because I still don't have all the pictures/posts I have in mind together yet. Call me a slacker, but school is all-consuming right now, and I needed the break this weekend. Check back tomorrow (early afternoon) for some previews of this week's posts, readers!
P.S. Thanks for sticking with me through this. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated! :)


it's your birthday, so happy birthday to ya!

Never mind the fact that her birthday was two days ago, or the fact that I reposted some of the pics from her photo shoot installments but in B & W. Guess I'm actually getting around to posting my favorites in black and white like I said I would...
So, happy birthday to you, Linds! Thanks for all the "deep thought" convos that we have where we decide whether we're not your normal homeschooling family or not...or if homeschooling is kinda sorta a bad thing. Or the time you had your 16th birthday party and I totally and utterly embarrassed myself by saying I was my mother's child so I might not know how to hit a pinata?! Good times. :) Also, thanks for letting me shoot your pretty face (and red/blue hair)!

 {a real lindsay smile for you...}

P.S. Yes, I copied that title from a post the birthday girl said HERE.
P.P.S I won't be blogging tomorrow. Or any Thursday for that matter; it's just too much for me to do. 5 posts a week is okay, right?