the mystery is solved!


Finally, all my blogging problems are solved…for the moment, at least. First, it was the issue that Blogger wouldn’t upload my photos. Then, Flickr told me I had to buy more space after uploading ten photos, so I went to Photobucket. Everything was fine and dandy until I couldn’t find out how to upload the pictures to my blog without having to manually do it, or having them in a slideshow.

Then, my sweet blogging friend, Eden, who stuck it out and continued to chat with me even though all I could talk about was the issues I was having with blogging, suggested I use her program she uses to publish posts, Windows Live Writer. I quickly downloaded it, explored all the great options you have (like watermarking your photos and such) and started to write my first post. I was thrilled…until the program told me there was an error and couldn’t publish the post. Are you kidding me?! Apparently not, because I went through three days of changing little settings and trying over and over again to publish. That’s when I turned to the discussion boards. After going through them numerous times, posting an actual post asking for help, I got my answer!

Turns out I had run out of space on my blog to store the photos. That’s it; just ran out of space. A problem easily fixed by sweet talking, er, I mean asking nicely for my dad to buy my some space. 20MB’s for 5 bucks, and it’s last me about 20 years if he and I calculated right.

And that’s the recap, folks. Two plus weeks of this, and I’m just now figuring things out. Poor, tech challenged SA…

{just a sample of what WLW looks like. just like Microsoft Office 2007, if you ask me…}

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my new love, Windows Live Writer! A huge bear hug to Dad and Eden, along with the guy who’s name I can’t remember who replied to that discussion post, giving me the answer. A million bonus points to all of you!

Note: This post was backtracked. Since I could still work on posts and save them as drafts, I did so all week. Thus, they were ready to go when the payment went through.

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