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So, what have I been doing over the past two weeks while my blog issues were being resolved? Read below to find out…


SWAP4 007

Nothing new there. Besides an emotional breaksdown when someone just asked me how I was, it’s been going just fine. This week, at least.

{projects, projects, projects}

CBS3 036

CBS3 038

That’s right, I’m getting my craft on. So far I’ve made a camera strap that was a ruffle totally disproportionate to the actual width of the strap, started my plans for my giveaway (it’s in about 20 posts or so, so be on the lookout), signed up for Emily's Apron Swap, and various other things. As if I needed something else to do.

Those are the things that keep me holed up at home for four days out of the week. Things that keep me sane get me out of the house are below…

{CBS…or Community Bible Study for those of you who don’t know me}

CBS2 027

{all the girls have ridiculously cute hairstyles and bows}

CBS2 035

CBS2 049

CBS4 006

CBS4 009

CBS4 013

{sorry, not pics of the kid’s faces. privacy issues and all that…}

I’m the non-official assistant to the Children’s Director, sweet Martha-Duke (yep, that’s her first name), and it’s my second year doing it. If it’s possible to love something that’s not human, then I’d say this: I LOVE it! I love seeing the children’s faces as the say cheese, screaming the name Jesus at the top of their lungs when they know the bible story answer, and listening to them sing with the music at music time.

Other than that, the only other times I go places are to chemistry co-op, Clark’s football practices and games, plus my new Bible study. Yes, I live a totally glamorous life. Winking smile

So, now you know what my life is like when I’m not blogging. Nothing too entertaining, but I love it…

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