hello monday {5}

{hello monday}

{helllooo warm temps [up to 80*, ya'll]}

{hello wind gusts up to 60 mph}

{hello bright sunshine in my face, waking me up ;)}

{hello quiet Bible reading}

{hello CH7 in Ann Voskamp's book [which i found out that Gussy, Ruthanne, and Hannah are reading. that makes me one of the cool kids]}

{hello 1st math lesson}

{hello warm shower and Old Navy yoga pants}

{hello old Grey's Anatomy and chicken salad for lunch break}

{hello chemistry test: part 1}

{hello 2nd lesson in math}

{hello phone call to a friend}

{hello dinner and time with just Dad and Clark [plus another Grey's Anatomy while eating]}

{hello steady rainfall}

{hello weekly CHUCK episode}

{hello blogging}

{hello i-already-know-it's-going-to-be epic CASTLE episode}

{hello bedtime routine}

{hello monday}
This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due.


happy belated birthday, mr. b!

Last weekend we were one of the chosen few to come and help celebrate Brandon's {a little boy i've had the honor to baby-sit since he was crawling and took a nigthtime bottle} 3rd birthday! He is such a sweet, sweet, sweet boy, and it has fun so fun to watch him grow up under his loving parents...speak and carry on convos with us...and most of all: play football!!
And, naturally, the camera came with me. Duh. 

{gosh, i love these guys. i mean, could they get any more handsome?! [the answer's no, in case you were wondering... ;)]}
There was all kinds of sports activites set up, and you'd better believe what Clark and Brandon went for...the football.

Thanks to Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Chris for letting us come celebrate Mr. B's 3rd birthday!


**UPDATE** So, no chemistry today. Which is a blessing, I guess, but it also means double the work next time we meet. I can't win, it seems like. Oh well...
Yep, it's that day again: Chemistry co-op day. Fun times.

We had four {yep, four} experiments that day. It was...bad. That's all I'm saying...

{beautiful Miss Amelia, one of the other ones who stuck it out to chemistry}
Taking notes...

This was, by far, the most interesting science experiment yet. Other than the toxic fumes, it was awesome. ;)

And there you have it...just another Friday at the Anderson's, working on chemistry and all it's confusing things. Wanna join me?


hanging with the harvin's

The past couple of Tuesdays, I've been hanging out at the Harvin's house. It is such a blessing to me to be able to help Miss Beth with watching the kids while she works around the house. And I'm pretty sure it blesses her as well! :)
{the many faces of Jack}

We play Legos. More specifically, Star Wars Legos. This last time Jack and I got our our yellow blanket and dumped the Legos out, Luke {the Star Wars guy} and Obi-Wan died...and when I say died, they were pulled apart and buried by Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Chewy, and Han Solo, compelte with sad music by me. Then, to my surprise, Jack flipped off the tin covering their body parts and declared "They've come back to life, Sarah-Anne!! Because God made them come back alive, okay?". Precious. And that, my friends, is why I work with the kids at CBS. To see the litte 1's class dance to music and saying "Bible" and "Jesus" to seeing Jack {who's in the 4 &5's} declared resurrected by God's power.

{little Luke watches us. isn't his hair the most awesome thing you've seen?!}

{my plane. chewy was my pilot, and he was pretty good}

{there's a lot of brotherly love going on here ;)}

{little baby feet in footy PJ's. so sweet.}
Thanks for taking me in in, Harvin family! I absolutely love each and ever minute I'm with you guys!