happy birthday grandaddy!

{all pictures taken from their 50th wedding anniversary}
{happy birthday to you}
{happy birthday to you}
{happy birthday dear granddaddy}
{happy birthday to you!}

Thanks for all the Dr. Peppers, trips to the beach, funny emails and YouTube videos, and birthday cards a grandaughter could ever want. Remember that birthday card I made for you after the one of the hospital stays? It had you, me, and Clark, and you had gray hair, but only on the side. It was that day I discovered you could make gray from black and white crayons...Also, thanks for the biscuits runs to Hardee's when we were little and slept over at your house a lot. You and Grandmama have been married for 50 plus years, and that's no little accomplishment, so kudos to you!
I hope you have a happy, happy, happy 75th birthday, Granddaddy. We love you!

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