Since you now know how I spend my Friday nights, I thought it would be nice for you to see the thing I call torture chemistry co-op. :) Really, it's not that bad, since it's only an hour or two an afternoon every other week, but it's not how I want to spend my Friday afternoons, regardless of the time involved, you know?
{for the record, I have no idea what "ep" stand for, but I had to get the traditional shot of test tubes while i had the camera out. it just felt right.}
{testing various things like comet and ammonia to see what the pH was. fun times. i'm pretty sure the ammonia we breathed it was totally bad and made us all silly.}

{scale, i hate you. you make numbers that have to be put into equations that are way too hard. therefore, i hate you.}

{I was the stupid one and said it was a pretty color, to which I got the stupid look. What?! It is pretty...}
And...There's my Friday afternoons. It's an off week {like i said at the beginning of the post, we only do it every other week} but since it is an off week, that means I have a test on the things we learned. Hold me. 

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