a new look

Like my new mini-facelift?? I most certainly do, and since I'm the blog owner, author, whatever, I get to do anything I want. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.
Kudos goes to Em, so go on over and tell her she's the best.
Look out for some die-hard college football fan posting coming your way soon!!


the masked mower man

Meet the Masked Mower Man. Or if you want to get techincal, the Hooded Mower Boy. But don't let his enemies (you know, like grass?) know this top secret information; Masked Mower Man has a reputation to keep up.

Along with his mad backwards driving skills, he can manuver the mower much better than yours truly can. One fateful night, when Masked Mower Man was at a top secret superhereos convention (ahem, sleepover...), his sister, the...okay, I don't have a clever name for myself. Obviously, I didn't think this one through.
Anyways, back to the story.
She decided that since the Masked Mower Man was gone, it would be sooo helpful to Masked Mower Man's father to park said mower into the top secret hide out, or the barn. Masked Mower Man had parked the mower into the other top secret hiding place, you guessed it, the garage, in the most unusual parking postition. Masked Mower Man's sister climbs up, cranks it, and starts to back up. Alas, she misjudged the distance and managed to take off a chunk of vinyl siding. See that dent on the hood flap thing? That was made by yours truly. If only the Masked Mower Man had been there that night...
True story, people. True story.
And I haven't been on the mower since.