let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

( Last year's big snow. I was going for artistic, but I think it's more off-center than anything. What do you think?)

Excuse the impromptu bursting into song, but much of eastern North Carolina is under a winter weather warning, with a combo of freezing rain, sleet, and, dare I say it? Yes, snow. Nothing big, but enough to local people running to Target in a dash for bread and milk. Don't ask why it's just bread and milk, it's most definitely a southern thing.
I'm on a scheduling posts kick right now, so look for some more coming at ya!


another giveaway!!

(Alternately titled: the parenthesis post. Not real sure why, but I feel misunderstood this afternoon, so I'm explaining myself where I think explanation is due.)
You guys aren't tired of giveaways yet, are you? Good, because another blogging (and real life) friend is hosting a blogoversary giveaway over at her place, Practically Pink (I'd set the name up in a link, but Blogger isn't letting me. Just click on the link that says "Emily" over on my sidebar.).
What's up for grabs? This pretty little scarf (which will come in handy later this week; the "heat wave" here in NC isn't going to last long.), modeled by the lovely (I put that in for you, Em!) blog author...
Go on over to Em's and get a full list of the rules (and ways to get more entries!). Tell her that SA sent you!


a giveaway!!

The game, and new years', pictures never really happened, but here's something to console you...
That's right, people, a giveaway over at Meredith's blog. So go on over there and enter yourself if you haven't already. I know it's late notice(like, as in the last day to enter!) , but you never know. I'm sure that everyone who read my blog knows about Meredith, but there might be a couple readers that didn't know it was going on.
What's that? You'd like to know what you're entering for? Go on over to Meredith's to get some details and have a look at what's up for grabs.
Meredith was one of the first bloggers that I "met" and she has been such an inspiration to me as a homemaker and a blogger. Sniff, sniff. Better go on over there before the waterworks start!


all i have to say is...

Yes, yes. We are the pirates of ECU!!

Here's to winning this year's bowl game, despite making it last year and losing.

Coming up: Pictures of the game (we're going over to a family friends house, since we don't have cable. I know, how do we live?!) and the New Years Eve celebration at Dad's sister's house...