scenes from the weekend

Lounging around in PJs cause you don't work until 4 is awesome.
Mother-Son Date Knight fun.

Waitressing is hard. So glad these events are only once a season.

This made the whole night TOTALLY worth it.

Anna Claire is the sassiest photographer I know.

It was a favorite dress and wedges kinda Sunday.

Snuggles from this kitty girl.

I studied on my roof. Country livin' for the win.
Happy Monday, readers. Hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine.


almost wordless wednesday {rays of sunshine}

Holy split ends but also holy long hair.

Always barefoot.

The grass clippings on my sleeve in the above picture were
accquired taking this shot. Totally worth it.

Last Friday the sun was shining for the first time that week and I documented it cause SUNSHINE. Andplusalso I was off again and I actually had time to take pictures while the sun was actually in the sky but mostly SUNSHINE. Anywhere there were patterns of sunlight filtering in, I snapped a picture of it and when on to the next location. Searching for the sunspots was the highlight of my day, no joke.

Happy Wednesday, readers!


scenes from the weekend

As always, random snapshots from the weekend. They are a far cry from perfect, but the are real life and I'm cool with that.

OHMYWORD SNOW. I stared out the window for hours.

Poor Tardis was in a frozen state most of the weekend.

It's a winter wonderland!
Something ya don't see often around ENC.

Twig preferred to stay inside...it was her first time seeing snow and she
was mesmerized.
Tons of DW and a little bit of Pysch. Oh Netflix how I love thee.

What we woke up to Sunday.

I wore no tights & a short-sleeved dress to church. Wild child, yo.

Clark threw a snowball at me and I took of picture to document he missed.
The drive to church was so super-duper pretty & peaceful.
ACTS at youth group means a beast of a volleyball game.
Pastor Chuck is the best...he played too. 

I posed with the shadow me from last year (hence the super short hair). Pictures by Rachie.

Just the way I like to spend my Sunday nights: laughing with friends.
Kaley's in my lap & Meg's sitting beside me laughing, probably at something I said.
Picture by Rachie.
How was your weekend, readers?



clockwise from top left: the forecast. i checked that thing hourly, no lie.
top right: the first of many snow pictures. taken about 30 mins after it started.
middle left: right before the sun set. it's hard to tell but it was still going strong!
middle right: on the way to church!
bottom: bare legs and a short sleeve dress to church. hey, i added a scarf though!

This was our weekend in a nutshell. IT SNOWED. Heavy, wet, picture perfect snowflakes. I didn't take many pictures outside because we soon as the next day dawned, the sun was already melting our winter wonderland. It stuck around for a few days simply because it was so.dang.cold for a longgg time after the last flake dropped.
Emily, Andrew, and I totally made the IG hashtag #snowwatch13 a thing even though it was only us three doing it. Hey, one step at a time. Highlight of my weekend...well, ya know, besides the snow.
How was your weekend, readers? What's the weather like in your area; did you get snow and freeze to death or did you work on your tan? Either way, I'm just a tad envious.


valentine's day {2.14.13}

Forget a fancy date that meant getting all dressed up and reservations and just the time involved in making the plans for one single night. Instead, I'm down for a night with the gang. Yep, I'm in a gang with Rachel, Kaley, and Conner. THUG LYFE FOREVA.

I convinced Kaley to get hipster tea. Booyah.

Tea twins!

And then we went to Big Bubba's Burgers. So totally romantic, am I right? Nothing like tons of meat and donuts and cookies for date night food. Awww yeah.

So much beef.

Chugged that Dr. P.

As the waitress said, Conner took off all the garden & added all the meat.



Oh yeah, and I got engaged. No biggie.

How was your Valentine's Day, readers? Awesome? I sure hope so.