scenes from the weekend

As always, random snapshots from the weekend. They are a far cry from perfect, but the are real life and I'm cool with that.

OHMYWORD SNOW. I stared out the window for hours.

Poor Tardis was in a frozen state most of the weekend.

It's a winter wonderland!
Something ya don't see often around ENC.

Twig preferred to stay inside...it was her first time seeing snow and she
was mesmerized.
Tons of DW and a little bit of Pysch. Oh Netflix how I love thee.

What we woke up to Sunday.

I wore no tights & a short-sleeved dress to church. Wild child, yo.

Clark threw a snowball at me and I took of picture to document he missed.
The drive to church was so super-duper pretty & peaceful.
ACTS at youth group means a beast of a volleyball game.
Pastor Chuck is the best...he played too. 

I posed with the shadow me from last year (hence the super short hair). Pictures by Rachie.

Just the way I like to spend my Sunday nights: laughing with friends.
Kaley's in my lap & Meg's sitting beside me laughing, probably at something I said.
Picture by Rachie.
How was your weekend, readers?

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