scenes from the weekend

We lived it up this weekend. In between working 12 hours over two days, setting up for Regeneration Friday night and the actual event Saturday, and having Brock spend the night after the concert then us spending the night at HIS house after a Superbowl party on Sunday, we were beat. It was the good kind of exhaustion though. I came home and took a nap before work. Not ashamed. I wouldn't trade this weekend for anything. It was full of worship, laughter, and a much needed break from school.

Full posts will be up soon, so here's a few real, fancy camera shots (I know...a non-Instagram post!) of the fun this weekend to tide you over.
I got to borrow a external flash and was just a wee bit excited.
Imma thinking I need one of these.

I love having photographer friends...we had SO many people from LBC and outside the church taking pictures!

Plenty of Xbox was played over the course of the weekend.

I love these boys so much. They are two of the five people in the world
that can make me laugh so hard I snort and start crying.

We made it to FV (despite missing our exit) in time to walk through
 the house being built right next to the cousins.
We also throw rocks into the windows just cause we can.

Garrison did a GREAT job!
Picking the winning score at the end of the quarter is harder than it looks.


While the power shortage was being fixed, we watched YouTube videos. Go figure.

How was your weekend, readers? Did you stay up late, get up early, and eat wayyy too much good party food while watching the Superbowl like I did? I sure hope so because dude. It's so much fun.

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