clockwise from top left: the forecast. i checked that thing hourly, no lie.
top right: the first of many snow pictures. taken about 30 mins after it started.
middle left: right before the sun set. it's hard to tell but it was still going strong!
middle right: on the way to church!
bottom: bare legs and a short sleeve dress to church. hey, i added a scarf though!

This was our weekend in a nutshell. IT SNOWED. Heavy, wet, picture perfect snowflakes. I didn't take many pictures outside because we soon as the next day dawned, the sun was already melting our winter wonderland. It stuck around for a few days simply because it was so.dang.cold for a longgg time after the last flake dropped.
Emily, Andrew, and I totally made the IG hashtag #snowwatch13 a thing even though it was only us three doing it. Hey, one step at a time. Highlight of my weekend...well, ya know, besides the snow.
How was your weekend, readers? What's the weather like in your area; did you get snow and freeze to death or did you work on your tan? Either way, I'm just a tad envious.

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