prom 2013 {the candids}

These pictures are really what prom was about: goofing off with my best friends, and it was the best time I've had in a long time. My friends really are the best.

I can't handle the sassiness or her dad's face.

Conner's face though. The sun was bright.

What we did to get THAT picture.

Mr. Curtis is an amazing photographer.

What a day in the Coble life is: pinches.

Trying not to step on her train. Pretty sure I ended up doing that anyway.

Camera everywhere.

The squirel is serious. Say wha?
Fritz had to make his presence known.


The flowers have arrived!! And they underwent much scrunity before they were deemed fit to adorn my attractive friends.

"Like, you as a person, hold it out."

Note Conner "modeling" the corsage in the background.

He couldn't be serious about it.


What it really looks like when we're around Conner & Tanner...
Laughter, and lots of it.

Don't mess with Beth's summer scarves. Tanner just doesn't get them. 

The rabid squirel made his crazy appearance.

Classic Conner face.

This describes them PERFECTLY.
This next set of photos is probably some of my favorite photos ever taken. Cause I mean seriously. THIS IS US.

Let it be known I started this series of pictures.

I love how the goofiest one of the bunch is still sportin' such a nice smile. 

This is gonna be shown at ALL our weddings. 

I am the Hulk & apparently that's really funny.
Behind the scenes at the pier...

Fixing his tie...he's secretly pleased.

We're making the same face! And it was in that moment I knew we were siblings.

Admiring the view.

A picture of people taking pictures.

That face shows that he did have fun.

Tanner loves his sister...look at how he's looking at her.
Onto Winslows we go, to take more pictures in the semi-pouring rain.


There she goes with the sassiness again.

Funny story...I took my corsage (a oddly-placed fabric flower that I vetoed and Mom stitched some lace onto) out to show Kaley and left it there in my mad dash to pull my dress on. Mom & Dad saved the day and brought it to us at Winslows, and we did a little corsage ceremony right there next to the French doors, the thunder booming behind us and all the bar employes staring at us.

Left: Model status. Right: FEET.
A real smile. Photo creds: the ginger brother.
You know we were Instagramming the whole night.

So pretty.
Finally at prom...where we spent the least amount of time at out of all the places/things we did for prom.


Basically what the night looked like. SO MANY FLASHING LIGHTS.
We left early to go to IHOP for some late night grub. And almost faceplanted in our plates.
First time at IHOP in years.
Basically how we all looked.

Being hungry but too tired is a sad thing.
Trying on the boyfriends premade tie.

I had to try it on too...I think someone's Facebook comment was hot. 
 I agree.

Pretty accurate picture of how we were at the end of the night. 
Thank you to Kaley & Conner for letting us tag along on their night...Did I already say I have the best friends ever? Cause I do.