prom 2013 {the portraits}

First off, my portraits are nothing like the master Mr. Curtis' amazing photos (so glad there was a professional photographer there!) but they're my version of the posed photos, the portraits, the ones that we'll print out & frame. And I kinda love them because they are my view on prom, watching from the sidelines, just like I love to do. Seriously, seeing two of my best friends on their night was such an honor.

So enough of my sappiness, here's my take on prom night portaits...there are only about 250+. What can I say? I like to take pictures of my attractive friends & brother. 

Kaley & her dad (basically my second dad...he's seen me grow up).

They were so dang excited. 


My childhood bestie, Kaley-girl (they forced me up there, for the record)

My two best friends. 

I suggested this pose. Proud photog moment.
 Adventuring outside meant dodging thunderstorms but hey. We're hardcore like that. Plus, it was the perfect weather for photos.


In the jungle.
Oh hey there!
Proud dad had to get in on the photos.


Father-son picture that we forced.

She was taller than me...for one night. Dang heels.

What you'd never know is they're sitting on a towel. Photog secrets.

TWINS (Kaley & her mom)

Kaley was the only one that would look at my camera. I loved her for that. 

The reason why we have so many pictures is probably because *someone* forgot to get the flowers and Tanner had to run out and get them. Best big brother award right there. We had an hour to kill and when the flowers arrived, there was much rejoicing. And more picture taking. DUH.


Big brother hero!

She loves this two so much and they love her right back. 

All of Cobles.
 Off to the town commons to take MORE pictures. And tempt fate by being outside in probably some of the worst thunderstorms we've had all year.

Have I mentioned how much I love these two?!

We were asking for it...holding umbrellas in the thunder and lightening
next to a body of water.

I love us. 

We're pretty flippin' awesome & good-lookin'.
Standing on the edge of the pier.
 The parentals had to get in on the picture action.

This guy is the best dad in the world. Everyone loves him. 

Some sibling love. Good grief I love this kid.

Last picture before we partied...taken at dinner at Winslow's in downtown Gvegas.

More pictures coming...get ready for some crazy pictures that really show ya what prom night was like. 


  1. you look sooo cute dear. and your dress is gorgeous. love! my bff went to prom with her guy, ;)but I don't think my parents would let me go, so...it was fun looking at pictures! and these. :)