prom: IG edition {5.18.13}

1} Last minute prom shopping at Target. As if I could love that place any more.
2} Believe it or not, this is prom prep...washing Bessy {Tanner's truck}.
3} Good grief he's so handsome. Sibling prom dates for the win.
4} Basically us. And it's my phone background cause I love it that much.
5} D'awww. These two looking at pictures of their attractive selves at Winslows.
6} Finally at PROMMM! So many flashing lights.
7} Leftover pancakes from the 10PM second dinner at IHOP.
 Simply prom as the title...no other words needed, but plenty more pictures to make up for lack of words. Here are some IGs as a teaser until I get all the fancy pictures together and relive the glory days. So many memories.
Happy Saturday, readers. Did you go to prom this year?

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  1. Yay for prom, looks like a lot of fun...and interesting to wear sandals to it, I'd certainly go for high heels! :)