First off, I'm glad you found me! Gaining new readers and followers is one of my favorite things, so thanks for making my day. Consider this {Welcome} page a landing page; a page where I explain what {Simply} Sarah-Anne is all about. Enjoy!

{Simply} Sarah-Anne is where I blog about my day to day life and share the extraordinary amount of raw, unedited pictures I take. Along with long rambling posts about anything & everything I think would make a good blog post, I strive to be an encouragement to readers; a place where they're uplifted & get a different outlook on the day, not brought down by Eeyore type posts. Disclaimer: That's not to say I don't have my gloom-and-doom moments. I want my blog to be real, not all unicorns & rainbows & Skittles because let's face it: those CAN BE a letdown because you compare your life to the happy-all-the-time one. & that's not cool. 
All that to say, there's a little bit of everything on the ol' blog. Pull up a chair & stay a while, will you?


My {About Me} page is where I share the standard "Hey, how's it going?" type of deal...and oh so much more. Lots of random facts about me, my parents, & my little brother Clark. I try to update it through every season of my life with new pictures, facts, and such so check back often if you're the stalker type. 

Secondly, there's the {Contact Me} page. Questions? Comments? Tips on how to live my life and make millions & all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA? Feel free to shoot me an email with the handy Kontactr form. All you is fill out the form and an email is sent directly to my Gmail inbox. This way it helps keep my email semi-private & the computer trolls from sending me spam. Win-win, I tell ya! 

The middle page is my favorite page, which is all about my beloved Canon Rebel XS and the lenses I shoot with. Click the link to {My Camera Bag} page to see what I shoot with and what pretties I wish to adorn my camera with....

My third from last page, the {Blog Roll} page is where I absolutely LOVE sharing all the inspiring, crafty, funny, and just-plain-fun-to-read blogs I follow with my readers, and what better way to do that than with a blogroll page! Spread the comment love by leaving a note or two on a blog of you choice. 

Second to last is my {The Best Of...} is where I share my favorite posts, which are numerous, but hey: I have a lot of favorites. This particular page might be good for new readers, because it has posts that share a little bit about what I believe and some background on me, myself, and I! 

Lastly, I have my {Giveaways} page where I share the awesome giveaways I find in the blogosphere. Now that is a page you want to check back often, let me tell you!