Memorial Day 5.28 {in pictures}

While we were gone, Samantha stayed the weekend with Mama and decided to join us for our little welcome summer cookout. It really felt like summer that day...the sun beating down on us, floating lazily in the pool being pushed by the extremely pleasant wind, and of course, there was no shortage of Dr. Pepper being drunk and Kindles being read poolside.

My little purple radio was blaring our local radio station and we had lots of sing-alongs while floating. Pretty much the best thing ever.

Goofing off was a big thing yesterday afternoon. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. 

 Little Twig (the only kitten left!) joined us for a little but...she was a trip because she hates the grass on her little paws but slept in the dirt and tried to eat the plants.

There were also lots of sunglasses wearing. The sun is bright, yo. 

See?! Flippin' amazing food, all prepared by the lovely Mother Dear.

Corn, BAKED BEANS (don't worry Rebecca it wasn't Clark [inside joke.), turkey burgers with avocado, potato salad and deviled eggs. The leftovers are calling me. 
 Even though we were stuffed, we still had room for smores. I had two. Oink oink!

What did ya'll do this holiday weekend? (Please tell me it involved a body of water and good food.)


memorial day 5.28

This Memorial Day meant so much more since we buried my grandmothers brother. He was a WWII veteran, and the service was so powerful.

Happy Memorial Day readers. May we raise a glass of whatever we're drinking (it was Dr. P for me DUH) in salute to the ones that allowed us to cookout and enjoy hanging out with our families on this last Monday in May.


adventures at Chick Fil A

Me in my thug life uniform that's two sizes too big even though it's a zero.

Ya'll. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely wholeheartedly 100% lovelovelove working at that place called CFA. I loved it so much I left a love note on the line up one day that went something like "i <3 CFA!" True love right there. But I can't for the life of me figure out why they want a girl as tiny and weak as me to work there. And klutzy because I am that too. Exhibit A...

Let's set the scene. It's lunch on a Wednesday and it's the busiest I've seen CFA in a while. There's four people on front counter and we still have a considerable line on each register. I spin around with a lemonade in my hands and set it down on the counter, start snapping on the lid and my hand spazzes out knocking over the FULL cup of lemonade towards the customers. It was not my finest moment. I froze and the guy next to me was like "Breathe!" Cut scene.

And let's not forget how I was making a milkshake, ran out of lids, opened them, and half of them flew every which way. Annaliese slow clapped. Diana laughed. It was awesome. SARCASM. Or there's the time I was opening a roll of nickels and they went flying everywhere. Things fly when I'm around...and not in the "Oh look at that pretty birdy!" kind of way.

Oh and I saved the best for last...I was doing Drive Thru cashier (my favorite!) and give the guy the wrong order. A manager had to go run after him and switch out his order. I'm in the fetal position up against the wall for the remainder of the afternoon.

Those are the adventures of SA working at CFA, ya'll. And that was only this week. Want me to take your order now? ;)


it's the little things {link up #10}

One of the most gorgeous and talented blogging women you'll ever met, Lindsay, started hosting a link up called "It's the Little Things" to remind us that God blesses in a not-so big ways. A whole day can turn around when I get a special little something in the mail or my favorite show is on TV that night, and it's great to document the little things God puts in our day to show us he loves us!

Aisle to Aloha

...cutting up with co-workers. We joke around and snap towels at each other and just generally laugh our heads off. I have the best job you guys.

...listening to Pandora while doing math. Music makes anything better. Even math. And on that school note, finishing up subjects is the best feeling ever...even if you haven't finished all of them yet ;)

...pretty in pink fingernails. It was late Wednesday night and I didn't have anything else to do, so I decided to paint my nails with the sheer pink polish I got a month ago. Because that's how I roll.

...having play time with the kittens. We've gotten into the habit of bringing the kitties inside at night for a half hour or so. Their little personalities shine and they run all around the room chewing on plugged in cords. I swear they are the cutest things ever. I'm such an old cat lady.

It's been a while since I've done a little things post, but it's this week that the little things made a difference in my life.


tunes volume 4

graphic from my Tumblr, per usual

{1. Payphone - Maroon 5}
{2. She's So High - Tal Bachman}
{3. I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin McCain}
{4. Good People - Jack Johnson}
{5. Trouble Is My Friend - Lenka}

This month the tunes list is short...mostly because I'm listening to Payphone on repeat and I have no time left in the day to find any new songs for the iPod in my head. Nevertheless, I love all these songs...I hope ya'll do too!


{almost wordless wednesday} i'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again

I make insane lists in prep for packing...this was just the entertainment list.

OK, that's a lie. I'm not flying (it's a six hour roadtrip) and I do know when I'll be back again. Yay for visiting relatives!



ACTS this month was at the Everharts...and even though it rained for the whole time, we had a blast out on the porch just laughing and enjoying each other's company. Here are some random snippets of that night...

On the way..it rained. And it was very loud. VERY.LOUD.

  FOOD! More specifically: CHOCOLATE!

And carbs. Sam and I killed the Rice Krispies. 


Azzie & Kelly

Abbey and Becca

Erika. Cutie!

Rebecca. I love that girl. And her very attractive faces.

Parker & Rachel who apparently forgot how to be normal. Ha. I love them both. 

It got cold, so I went inside and found out I really love couches. They're just so much softer than wicker chairs. Who knew?!

Miss Katie.

We are teenagers. Thus, we have our cell phones out constantly.
 Let me tell ya about Abbey...She is my Tumblr buddy, my Doctor Who soulmate. We also danced at prom and it was awesome. She lives about 45 minutes away so I don't get to see her often, and since she's going to do STC at the Bible Institute in Florida, I won't get to see her pretty face until July. Thus, I annoyed the snot out of her and chatted it up this Sunday. Love you Abbey!

We ended the night with a very cold bus ride back to the church in which I was not the only one cold...Sam and Hannah were too! That never happens ya'll. I'm always the one freezing.

But where was I? Oh yeah, ACTS. It was fantastic as always. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my youth group friends?! No? Well, I LOVE MY YOUTH GROUP FRIENDS.

You're welcome.


hello monday {37}

{hello monday}

{hello sleeping in}
{hello chores and feeding the kittens}
{hello breakfast and QT}
{hello morning of computer time}
{hello tears over math}
{hello tears over a little house episode [albert died OK?!]}
{hello emailing Jack}
{hello talking with Mama during playtime with the kittens}
{hello mowing attempt #1 [the belt came off]}
{hello lazy late afternoon}
{hello mowing attempt #2 [battery died]}
{hello Netflix}
{hello dinner}
{hello TV and playtime with the kittens inside [they are cute. so cute.]}
{hello shower}
{hello blogging}
{hello bedtime reading}
{hello lights out}

{hello monday}


This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Don't forget to link up in Lisa's comments as well!


that day when spiderman 3 made everything better

My emotions today ya'll.

I couldn't drag myself out of bed and rushed myself all morning because I was lazy the night before and didn't wash my uniform.

And then we were busy at work (which is great. yay money for Chick-Fil-A!) but I worked a 6 hour shift and it dragged all afternoon. You can only fit so many sauces into the little container before it overflows. I felt in the way and still like the newbie even though it's been a month since I first donned the all black uniform.

Then I watched the Grey's Anatomy episode where George died and no one got to say goodbye and I cried in the middle of the Coffee Shack because ya never know when you might die and what you will die from.

(I'm a morbid person I know.)

But then one of my favorite movies of all time comes on (spiderman 3. tobey maguire baby.) and I laugh. Laugh at how "it's only a bird" and the science experiment ends up producing a huge sandman monster. Laugh at how Peter Parker goes emo and does this...

Yep. Spiderman 3 changed my whole day.

Happy Saturday readers.


{almost wordless wednesday} that time i actually put an effort into what i wore

Because ya'll asked nicely, I present you with my prom 2012 pictures. Taken 10 minutes before we left and with burgers on the grill because we are planners like that.

We look nothing alike. 
Neither do we.

And we certainly DO NOT look like siblings.
 I'm kidding about the looking alike part. I don't think that anyone can mistake that I am related to these attractive people.

And because we are total hams in this family and the three pictures were the result 10 silly ones...

 Happy Wednesday, readers. I hope you have a reason to get all dressed up and look pretty like I got to when I went to prom.


hello monday {36}

{hello monday}

{hello cloudy day}
{hello wake up from Mama}
{hello Quiet Time and breakfast}
{hello checking up on emails and Tumblr}
{hello morning of math [three lesson, yall. record]}
{hello Pandora station on full blast}
{hello checking on the kittens}
{hello lunch}
{hello last Anatomy test [i made an A in the course]}
{hello afternoon of chores and talking to Jack}
{hello catching up on blogs}
{hello rain}
{hello dinner prep}
{hello shower}
{hello dinner with the family}
{hello playtime with the kittens}
{hello blogging}
{hello TV}
{hello sweet bed}

{hello monday}


This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Don't forget to link up in Lisa's comments as well!


happy (late) mother's day

Some teenagers aren't close to their parents. I love mine to death, but especially my mom. She is my best friend. There is nothing about me that she doesn't know, and yet she still loves me.

We are so alike yet so different. We fight and yell and don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but she makes me a more compassionate person when I chose to give people the cold shoulder rather than grace & give them a second chance, a more cautious person when I'd rather barrel into things, and she always has my future in her mind no matter if I do or not. She prays for me faithfully and is such a spiritual leader in my life.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Ya'll's job is the hardest in the world, and you do it so well. Hats off to you.


prom 2012

If you had told me I'd be going to a homeschool prom, I would've laughed in your face. I mean, a homeschool prom?! Come on. What kind of music was there going to be...violin and a harp? And all the dress had to be up to the neck and ankle length?

I ate my words, ya'll. It was one of the best times of my life. Homeschoolers can get DOWN, especially my friends. These are only some of the kids that made it a night with my friends to remember...

L to R: Bethany, Dylan, Conner, Andrew, Sarah-Anne, Erika, & Emily.
Not pictured...Kaley, Abbey, Macon, Courtney, Rachel, Parker, Meg, and Veronica. They were too busy dominating the dance floor to stop and take a picture.

Lots of memories were made at prom. I can't wait until next year.

first swim

As usual, we didn't close down our pool during the winter and then BOOM! NC had a mild winter and even milder early spring thus producing lots and lots of alge. Our pool was kelly green for a few weeks until Dad got it up & running. Once we all had bathing suits (did you know you grow over the winter and then your bathing suit doesn't fit anymore?! me either.) we jumped in and basically stayed in for pictures then hopped out. It was just a wee bit chilly.

Clark got in first, I dipped my legs in second, and Dad cannon-balled in third. And naturally I had to take pictures of it all. 

We rock the farmer's tan, ya'll. 

This would be my had-a-long-day-at-work face. Or my don't-take-a-picture-of-me face. Both are applicable.

He was so happy to be in the pool again.

The instant the pool was ready we started talking about who would get the honor of being our first guests invited out to swim. The Bolands were quickly aksed and then BOOM! We had a whole afternoon with them full of food. And petting the kittens. And swimming in COLD water. And playing card games (badly, in my case). And most of all, laughing.
See? FOOD.

I can't even. I look at this picture and laugh my head off because I don't know what he was looking at.

The parents & Lydia. 


They taught us how to play Kemps (sp?)...best card game ever.

True SA faces for ya...

Jack's a beast at catching people before they call kemps.
It was a great afternoon. I didn't want them to leave...I hate it when friends live so far away. Lots of pool days will happen in the future I'm sure. Thanks for coming out guys!