{almost wordless wednesday} outfit outtakes

I'm a nut. That much is true. You don't have to look in the archives for very long to figure that one out. I really don't need to post these pictures for photographic proof, but they are too priceless not to share. I present to you, the many facial expressions of SA (which you could also see from my header but ya know...)

Clark: SA, the TARDIS trashcan is behind you!" Me: ::make a really confused face::
"Please, sir...can I have some more porridge?"
All photos by Clark, who sometimes annoys me with his constant outfit picture taking but still manages to get some priceless ones. 

Happy Wednesday, readers. Go take some silly pictures and post them on your blog so I don't feel so alone in my weirdness, mkay?


  1. haha, these are sooooo adorable!!!!
    my favorite is definitely the second one :)

  2. You are too cute!!! I love that second one :)

  3. ..............You're so weird. lol