Memorial Day 5.28 {in pictures}

While we were gone, Samantha stayed the weekend with Mama and decided to join us for our little welcome summer cookout. It really felt like summer that day...the sun beating down on us, floating lazily in the pool being pushed by the extremely pleasant wind, and of course, there was no shortage of Dr. Pepper being drunk and Kindles being read poolside.

My little purple radio was blaring our local radio station and we had lots of sing-alongs while floating. Pretty much the best thing ever.

Goofing off was a big thing yesterday afternoon. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. 

 Little Twig (the only kitten left!) joined us for a little but...she was a trip because she hates the grass on her little paws but slept in the dirt and tried to eat the plants.

There were also lots of sunglasses wearing. The sun is bright, yo. 

See?! Flippin' amazing food, all prepared by the lovely Mother Dear.

Corn, BAKED BEANS (don't worry Rebecca it wasn't Clark [inside joke.), turkey burgers with avocado, potato salad and deviled eggs. The leftovers are calling me. 
 Even though we were stuffed, we still had room for smores. I had two. Oink oink!

What did ya'll do this holiday weekend? (Please tell me it involved a body of water and good food.)


  1. that food looks soo good!! and that pool does!! :) these pictures are sooo good.


  2. I went to a Memorial Day picnic and worked for my senior class fundraiser. It was fun. :) Good food and a body of water were involved. :)

  3. Oooooh... I want that s'mores maker!!! And ahhhhh... pools :)

  4. Looks fun! :)

    We visited friends in another state...let's see, good food--check! Can't say we were around a body of water, but there was a kiddie pool and a sprinkler, and a geyser water park type thing--does that count? :)

    God bless you!
    Joy :)