i can't escape the scapel ya'll

We had our last Anatomy co-op and both co-ops came to watch Mr. Scott cut open a little baby pig. I struggled with that one, but oh well. If you're squeamish, don't proceed. It is full of guts and juice and basically pig insides. You've been warned.

The crew...MK, Elizabeth, me, Trey, Nate, Clark, Josh, Andrew, Mr. Scott (who taught my chem co-op) & Kaley.


We had fun playing naming the organs. 

We ended the co-op by measuring the intestines...it was over 6 feet. Whoa.

Even though we were turning more green as we took the organs out, we still smiled and loved on each other.


Nate and Clarky boy. 

Kaley & MK

Sweet Elizabeth
And, as strange as it sounds, we went in search of food and ended up at Chick Fil A on my day off to get cookie sundaes. GET ONE. They are so good, ya'll.

If you survived this post, await a letter of gratitude from me for not unfollowing.

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  1. Ew ew ew. At least you only had to watch! I had to do it myself! It was absolutely disgusting. I never ever ever want to do that again. I can still smell it. Ugh.