'ello may!

how is it May already?!

It's good to see you. You bring the promise of summer with you, but first? There's school to finish. Doing it in your almost summer weather makes it more enjoyable though and for that I'm grateful. For some, it means graduation, ::ahem:: Emily! For me it just means one more month until my ACT and then I'm home free. You also bring the end to more than just school...both Anatomy co-ops end & our beloved CBS ends in a couple weeks.

You're shaping up to be a busy month, May. But rest assured, you're going to be great.


  1. Gahhh! It's my birthday month again!! Can't believe it's already May. Doesn't seem possible. Excited to see what the new month brings. Love the new header, girl.

  2. I am so glad it's May! One month closer to getting my license ;)

    That gif is crazy... I've been staring at it for over a minute.