it's the little things {link up #10}

One of the most gorgeous and talented blogging women you'll ever met, Lindsay, started hosting a link up called "It's the Little Things" to remind us that God blesses in a not-so big ways. A whole day can turn around when I get a special little something in the mail or my favorite show is on TV that night, and it's great to document the little things God puts in our day to show us he loves us!

Aisle to Aloha

...cutting up with co-workers. We joke around and snap towels at each other and just generally laugh our heads off. I have the best job you guys.

...listening to Pandora while doing math. Music makes anything better. Even math. And on that school note, finishing up subjects is the best feeling ever...even if you haven't finished all of them yet ;)

...pretty in pink fingernails. It was late Wednesday night and I didn't have anything else to do, so I decided to paint my nails with the sheer pink polish I got a month ago. Because that's how I roll.

...having play time with the kittens. We've gotten into the habit of bringing the kitties inside at night for a half hour or so. Their little personalities shine and they run all around the room chewing on plugged in cords. I swear they are the cutest things ever. I'm such an old cat lady.

It's been a while since I've done a little things post, but it's this week that the little things made a difference in my life.

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