that day when spiderman 3 made everything better

My emotions today ya'll.

I couldn't drag myself out of bed and rushed myself all morning because I was lazy the night before and didn't wash my uniform.

And then we were busy at work (which is great. yay money for Chick-Fil-A!) but I worked a 6 hour shift and it dragged all afternoon. You can only fit so many sauces into the little container before it overflows. I felt in the way and still like the newbie even though it's been a month since I first donned the all black uniform.

Then I watched the Grey's Anatomy episode where George died and no one got to say goodbye and I cried in the middle of the Coffee Shack because ya never know when you might die and what you will die from.

(I'm a morbid person I know.)

But then one of my favorite movies of all time comes on (spiderman 3. tobey maguire baby.) and I laugh. Laugh at how "it's only a bird" and the science experiment ends up producing a huge sandman monster. Laugh at how Peter Parker goes emo and does this...

Yep. Spiderman 3 changed my whole day.

Happy Saturday readers.


  1. Omg I'm watching that right now!!!


  2. aww, you'll feel like a part of the crew and comfortable in no time - but I can absolutely sympathize with what you're dealing with. hope next week's better! =)

  3. haha, honestly that is my least fave spiderman (love the 1st one) but that GIF is one of my fave parts from 3. it is so hilarious!