hello monday {35}

{hello monday}

{hello cat alarm clock}
{hello QT}
{hello history}
{hello getting ready for work}
{hello Chick-Fil-A}
{hello car ride home with Anatomy reading}
{hello surfing Tumblr, checking emails, etc.}
{hello shower to get the chicken smell out of my nose}
{hello chores}
{hello feeding the kittens}
{hello more computer time}
{hello dinner and Little House on the Prairie}
{hello DTWS and Castle}
{hello sweet bed and early wake up tomorrow}

{hello monday}


This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Don't forget to link up in Lisa's comments as well!


tipsy teapot 4.28

With both boys gone, Mama & I wanted to get out and celebrate surviving the week so off to downtown Greenville we went. Some of the parents longtime friends, the Stinsons, lost their historial cottage in Irene (it was literally swept out to sea) and held a fundraiser to jumpstart the rebuild process. Their songs were absolutely amazing and definiely did a great job sharing their life story...I loved just sitting and listening.

Hayes (son-in-law) was one of the ones that got up and shared little tid bits about the songs.

The Stinsons...Billy and Sandra.

Mother & daughter.


Saturday night dates with your mom at a coffee house surrounded by friends are the best.


take me out to the ball game

Traditionally, we always go to a ECU baseball game during Spring Break. For many reasons this year, we didn't...the biggest being there wasn't a home game that week! Disappointment. It took a couple months, but we were finally able to go to a night game tonight. I'd never been to one so it was quite the experience. A chilly one. Did ya'll know the sun keeps you warm?! Yeah, me either. SARCASM. It was downright chilly after the sun set, and added to the fact we were losing it wasn't the best game we'd been too, but it was still pretty dang fun to have a night out with my boys.

The sun was definitely doing it's job of keeping us warm for the first couple innings.

Random lady...say hi!

Stinky Sperrys. 

  The Harvins were at the game as well so we ventured over to the Jungle to say hi. It's called the Jungle for a reason. Craziness.

Nighttime. Aka when Sarah-Anne regretted wearing shorts.

 Drinks are expensive yo. But. Totally worth it...I needed some Dr. Pepper.

Yep, they are only a little crazy and yep, I only love them a little. Understatements, ya'll.

Happy Friday readers. Mark this day as the one that SA edited pictures and posted them the SAME DAY the event happened. History, people.


white BEFORE memorial day? whateves.

My new go-to hairstyle...braided bangs. 

{Shirt} Target {Shorts} Hand-me-down {Cami} Target  {Shoes} Sam's Club {Watch} Target {Ring} Etsy

Ya'll know I don't follow fashion rules, and when my legs got to semi-tan status, I busted out my white shorts because let's face it: I don't have many opinions in my closet and when the weather is too warm for jeans I wear those white shorts because I'm a rebel like that.

Also. I swear I don't have a Target addiction. It just happens that I own a lot of my basic clothing items from there.

Happy Thursday readers. May you have the confidence to break all those supposed fashion rules!


why i've been absent for the past 10 days

"Hi, welcome to Chick-Fil-A! How may I serve you?"
Yep, that's right...I got a job at Chick-Fil-A and started this past Tuesday! I searched for a job for months, and was so happy to be hired by my first choice. I'm learning, slowly, but I'm learning. Drive thru is hard, and register is my favorite, but I do like doing different things.

So that's why I've been absent from Simply Sarah-Anne. I wanted to send out a PSA that I was still alive and say I've still been reading blogs, so I'm still up to my semi-stalkerish ways. My Tumblr hasn't suffered either so there's that too if you like typography and Doctor Who/Hunger Games fangirling. Hopefully I won't be so out of it by the end of the day that I can put together a coherent post for my faithful readers.


tunes {volume 3}

It's no secret I love music and always have a song in my head...and unfortunately it is usually the catchiest not the best music or lyric wise. Curse you, Wiz Khalifia and Justin Bieber. I am ashamed to admit those have been stuck in my head for hours on end.

When that happens, I turn YouTube or Pandora and have a music cleasning for my ears. These are the songs that are worth listening to and I though I'd make it a monthly thing to share my new favorite songs. Here is April's playlist according to SA...

{1. Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye}
{2. That's What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction}
Note: not ashamed of this one. This is basically the only song of 1D that I know so I'm not a TRUE fan, but I totally jam out to this song.
{3. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane}
{4. Drive By - Train}
{5. Show Me What I'm Looking For - Carolina Liar}
{6. King of Anything - Sara Barellies}
{7. We are Young - Fun.}
{8. Glad You Came - The Wanted}

Come back mid-May for another round of guess what song SA is singing under her breath!

Graphics from my Tumblr...check it out here!


confetti egg hunt {4.10}

Early in the morning, we went out to attempt to hide all 93 dozen eggs...we had so many eggs and so little hiding spots that I had the crazy idea to spell out Happy Easter. I think we only used a box or two out of the 10 we had to spell it. Look close and see if you can make the words out!

Wanna know how to hide 93 dozen eggs?! Put them on your fence and watch out for the crazy cat trying to eat them.

Or you can just throw them out in the yard like we did towards the end. 

 The snack table before all the goodies arrived...

 Chatting it up with the Poppe's...I love that family.

 Waiting around for everyone to arrive...I loved seeing everyone in their little groups branch out and introduce each other.

 Let the games begin! In other words, see how many friends can give you a minor concussion in one afternoon! All photos by Mama...I was too busy running for my life.

When the Poppe's came earlier, we tried to hide one egg where it would be kinda impossible for most people to get. We placed bets
 We spent the rest of the afternoon picking out confetti of each others hair, taking pictures, snacking, and laughing. Photo evidence below.

I felt bad for the curly hair girls.
 Little Miss Elizabeth aka photographer in training.

 The Bolands made the trek over to our county and I'm so happy they could make it...Lydia was adorable the entire time.

Jack is her favorite. 

 See? Cutie pie alert ya'll.

See? Laughter.

I am so happy we got to host the egg hunt this year and even happier all the families we invited could make it! Thanks for the memories, guys.