Ya'll. This kid. He turns 13 and a half today. Yep, he's growing up ::sniff sniff:: He keeps us in stitches all day every day, but here lately he has been saying the funniest things. Here's only a few of them...

The scene: I'm driving, and he's on the phone with Mom. We forgot the list so we have to turn around, and Clark says oh so calmly "Don't worry Sarah-Anne, all ya gotta do it a U-ie." I was laughing so hard I had to calm myself down and keep the car on the road.

The scene: I'm upstairs cleaning with the radio blaring, and I was waiting out a Lady Gaga song (which happened to be Poker Face). Out into the hallway I go, to see Clark pointing a Nerf Gun at me and he said "You know, one day I'm going to make up a song called Checker Expressions."

The scene: Kaley, Clark, and I were talking about One Direction (I KNOW) and how one of them is named Zayn and they're British. Clark said "Zayn sounds like a ninja. 'Hello, I'm a British ninja...would you like one lump or two?! Hiyahh!'" It was just as funny as it sounds.

I love my brother.

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