take me out to the ball game

Traditionally, we always go to a ECU baseball game during Spring Break. For many reasons this year, we didn't...the biggest being there wasn't a home game that week! Disappointment. It took a couple months, but we were finally able to go to a night game tonight. I'd never been to one so it was quite the experience. A chilly one. Did ya'll know the sun keeps you warm?! Yeah, me either. SARCASM. It was downright chilly after the sun set, and added to the fact we were losing it wasn't the best game we'd been too, but it was still pretty dang fun to have a night out with my boys.

The sun was definitely doing it's job of keeping us warm for the first couple innings.

Random lady...say hi!

Stinky Sperrys. 

  The Harvins were at the game as well so we ventured over to the Jungle to say hi. It's called the Jungle for a reason. Craziness.

Nighttime. Aka when Sarah-Anne regretted wearing shorts.

 Drinks are expensive yo. But. Totally worth it...I needed some Dr. Pepper.

Yep, they are only a little crazy and yep, I only love them a little. Understatements, ya'll.

Happy Friday readers. Mark this day as the one that SA edited pictures and posted them the SAME DAY the event happened. History, people.


  1. Legit... baseball is the only sport I actually like. :) Nice pics. Glad you had fun! :DD


  2. I'm jealous, I love ECU baseball

  3. Is it crazy that I've never been to a baseball game??? I know, and I call myself an American! Haha!