conner's birthday party 4.7

Second party of the weekend, ya'll! Even though Conner turned 16 three weeks ago, Kaley and I and a couple others pressured him into having a 16th birthday party. It didn't work out until now, but it was so much fun! 
The volleyball net was out and it was ON. I watched because I had already been hit in the head with a ball that day.

Kaley sat with me on the bleachers and I was totally envy of her cowboy boots.
Totally envy worthy...so prettyyy.

Father and son.

I have some of the most good-looking friends, ya'll. And I'm not just talking about the girls...my guy friends are pretty dang handsome. They are a catch. Evidence below...

Erika! And Jack doing whatever in the background.

Erika and Grace BFFs.

Abbey and Bekah...sistahs!



It's ok to be jealous of my beatiful friends.

So many things about this picture...Dylan texting. Whatever Jack's doing. OK, only two things.

FUD! Photo by Grace.

Cutie! Photo by Grace.

Jack is a camera stealer...and a photo bomber from the above pictures. All photos by Grace...the camera stealing runs in the family ;)


We all piled around the iPod at one point wanting to choose the music.
Erika and Bekah. BFFs as well.

Sister secrets.

Abbey's Nikon was by her side as well!

The wicked knife contradicts the pink iPod. It's Hannah's BTW.

Quick break for presents!

After presents and cake we just hung around and enjoyed each others company until the end. Oh and compared purity rings...Hannah got to hold them all and I had to get a picture of the 10 rings.

Sam's back and Rachel.

The dude with glasses and the girl with the flower in her hair.

Conner brought his guitar and I love to hear him play and sing. He's great at it, ya'll. Serious talent right there.

Funny story: I look up from behind the bleachers and Jack & Clark have become best buds and were bird calling. In the Landmark gym. Hilarious. And then what Jack's looking at is Clark's handiwork...he got a ball stuck in the beam of the ceiling.


We ended the night playing Ninja and watching the men be studs and right to carry more chairs than teh previous (we helped Conner set up for breakfast the next morning.

Thanks for inviting us Conner...I hope you felt loved by all who came!


  1. I gave you an award, so come it get it from my blog. :)

    -Hannah Rebekah

  2. Haha you flatter me Sarah Anee, thanks for coming out :)