happy birthday mama!

In honor of Mama's fifieth birthday, we threw a suprise party at the Coffee Shack. We invited people that have been Mama's friends for a looong time and new friends...all people that inpacted her life thus far. Some family came out too and it was just a great time of fellowship and caffiene because DUH it was at a coffee shop. Consumption of caffiene is mandatory.
We dove into the cake as soon as we all sang Happy Birthday and thanked everyone for coming out and helping us pull this off.

And the story behind the cake: Mama has walked around for the past two years saying "I'm almost 50 you guys...do this for me!" It got annoying after about the first year, and then we turned it into a joke on her cake. Kudos to Dad for thinking of that one!

Singing Happy Birthday.
The cake was the only thing that we had "scheduled", so we enjoyed each other's company for the next three hours. Lots of laughing and sharing stories of how long people knew each other.

Grandma & Grandaddy enjoyed meeting all of Mom's friends, I think...so glad they were able to come!

Miss Helen and Mama

Miss Helen's camera and Mama's water...both things that never leave their side.

The Furloughs, Caleb, and Andrew tagged along and they had a GREAT time.
Cards and presents...Mama is loved!

More socializing...

Mr. Billy (old family friend) and his precious cup of coffee.

Kaley and Miss Helen.
Mr. Billy

Miss Danielle and Mr. Lennie.

Going over plans for the new cottage.

Lots of laughter! Aunt Karen left and Miss Danielle & Furlough Five right.

One of the cool things about the Coffee Shack is that you don't have to pay anything to reserve the room for whatever you want...they just go on the fact that they'll get a lot of money for food and coffee. And boy did they ever...there was TONS of coffee cups sitting around.

Mama had a blast (as did we ALL) and thanks to everyone that came out and celebrate with us!

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  1. Wish your mom a belated happy birthday for me! :-) That cake looks super yummy.

    xoxo Miss ALK