confetti egg hunt {4.10}

Early in the morning, we went out to attempt to hide all 93 dozen eggs...we had so many eggs and so little hiding spots that I had the crazy idea to spell out Happy Easter. I think we only used a box or two out of the 10 we had to spell it. Look close and see if you can make the words out!

Wanna know how to hide 93 dozen eggs?! Put them on your fence and watch out for the crazy cat trying to eat them.

Or you can just throw them out in the yard like we did towards the end. 

 The snack table before all the goodies arrived...

 Chatting it up with the Poppe's...I love that family.

 Waiting around for everyone to arrive...I loved seeing everyone in their little groups branch out and introduce each other.

 Let the games begin! In other words, see how many friends can give you a minor concussion in one afternoon! All photos by Mama...I was too busy running for my life.

When the Poppe's came earlier, we tried to hide one egg where it would be kinda impossible for most people to get. We placed bets
 We spent the rest of the afternoon picking out confetti of each others hair, taking pictures, snacking, and laughing. Photo evidence below.

I felt bad for the curly hair girls.
 Little Miss Elizabeth aka photographer in training.

 The Bolands made the trek over to our county and I'm so happy they could make it...Lydia was adorable the entire time.

Jack is her favorite. 

 See? Cutie pie alert ya'll.

See? Laughter.

I am so happy we got to host the egg hunt this year and even happier all the families we invited could make it! Thanks for the memories, guys. 

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