white BEFORE memorial day? whateves.

My new go-to hairstyle...braided bangs. 

{Shirt} Target {Shorts} Hand-me-down {Cami} Target  {Shoes} Sam's Club {Watch} Target {Ring} Etsy

Ya'll know I don't follow fashion rules, and when my legs got to semi-tan status, I busted out my white shorts because let's face it: I don't have many opinions in my closet and when the weather is too warm for jeans I wear those white shorts because I'm a rebel like that.

Also. I swear I don't have a Target addiction. It just happens that I own a lot of my basic clothing items from there.

Happy Thursday readers. May you have the confidence to break all those supposed fashion rules!


  1. Fashion rules are silly anyways! :-) Love your outfit and your little braid is so cute... I love it!!

  2. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! LOVE the color of that top! New Follower via email :-)


  3. I had that watch! We'll i STILL have it but the battery died ;p poo :( Cute outfit my friend :)