AI Summer Tour 2011

Public Blog Annoucement: I'm trying something new this time: writing about my experiences in between photos since I wasn't able to take my camera inside the concert with me. All the pics are on the way to the concert & give you a little glimpse into what was going on. Which was lots of excitement & screaming. ;) Enjoy!

It's no secret that the Nichols family hooked me onto American Idol earlier this year, and it's no secret I became a little bit of a Scotty fangirl. It wasn't the slightest bit a secret that I was going to the AI Live! Summer Tour 2011 in Raleigh NC, and it was most certainly NOT a secret that I was excited about it!

 You know what I wasn't excited about? Not being able to bring my camera {with a wicked awesome telephoto lens} into the RBC center. It was a long story with lots of drama, but to shorten it: Canon Rebels were deemed "professional" since they had detachable lenses so instead of sneaking it in like I was going to, I decided not to break the law & get pummeled by security guards all while going down to the floor with onlookers. Because that's how is in the movies so it must be like that in real life, no? ;)

I survived, I didn't die & I didn't feel like something was missing the whole time. I think it was a God thing that I couldn't bring in my camera so I could just relax & enjoy myself & not worry about whether I had enough pictures to tell our story of awesomeness in the blog. Amen?

The traffic was INSANE compared to our town's 5 o'clock traffic. INSANE, I tell you. I was all like "Cars. All around me. Hyperventilating now." and Emily was all like "Go to your happy place and think of Scotty!!". ;)

We nervously chewed on our sunglasses, anxious to get there already! 

Andrew did stop for me to take a picture of his excitement...

Andrew's face is cracking me up...

We watched Chuck on the way & remembered how much we hated Shaw. & laughed alot. It was awesome! I wanted to say I was smart & planned it all, but I realized I had my Chucks on...and we were watching Chuck! Oh, the genius... ;)

Not sure you can see the sign, but it said Sold Out Event...and they weren't kidding. Dad & I seriously didn't see any seats empty.
After stopping at a Zaxby's near the NC State, we were on the road again & thanks to God's grace we finally got there with minimal traffic problems!! We had seriously prepared ourselves for the worst but we got a spot right next to the east entrance & people watched for a while.

Emily & I frantically tried to get a picture of the RBC Center but my camera decided to go nutso on me & get funky with the zoom so I was screaming at it...and getting looks from the other passengers.

oh RBC Center, how I love you. you make me feel like i actually live in a city, not some podunkville USA type deal.

It was amazing, guys! As a first time concert goer, I was totally shocked by the energy of the crowd & how loud people can scream {myself included. I may or may not have screamed so much my voice was starting to fade...and all because of Scotty}. But by the end of the concert I was singing along, making up hand motions and having one of the best times of my life.

All the performers were amazing & I loved seeing their personalities shine up on the stage. You kinda felt like you got an behind the scenes look at their lives & the way they acted. All my faves lived up to my expectations; Casey sang a Santana song, Haley did awesome, James rocked the crowd & came from the back of the Center to walk through the crowd, and...

...Scotty...oh, Scotty. I wore a plaid shirt for you, you know? ;) You really saw how appreciative & happy he was to be back in his home state, and we were certainly glad to have him!

BUT! Without some people it would not have been possible to go, so thanks to Miss Beth Collins for getting the tix & waiting so patiently for payment. Also, thanks to Dad for getting past his hatred for American Idol & coming with me; one of the best parts was that he was able to go with us. Thanks for driving us as well, Dad!

Long live Scotty McCreery!!

OK, I'm good now.


almost wordless wednesday: AI Summer Tour

In t-minus 3 hrs, I'll be hopping in our fully loaded car {with all the Nichols family} & driving an our to the state capital to see the American Idol Top 11 LIVE!

Excuse me while I try & wrap my mind around the fact that I'll be seeing the Season 10 AI winner, along with the top 11, live. In concert. With my bestie.




Just a little warning: this might contain some spoilers for people that have never watched the show, especially the early seasons. I've watched up until the second episode of Season 6 {currently watching them as reruns online} so things might be missing from my info but I love this show...and you can probably tell, ha!

the Bones logo on Instant Netflix {photo credit Google Images}
If you've frequented the blog as of late, you know that I'm kinda sorta in love with the TV show Bones {along with IleneLauren, so they're, like, my BFFs now}. But first, a little backstory...

 Lots of my family & friends were into Bones, but when I was informed about the flesh eating beetles, I was totally turned off on that nasty show. Seriously, flesh eating beetles? I imagined huge cockroach things eating dead people {which IT'S NOT. trust me.}

photo credit Google Images

But enter in Netflix, the fact that I could watch it instantly, and all my blogging heros were into it {the aforementioned Ilene, Lauren, and Ruthanne, just to name a few}. So I clicked that little play button & haven't looked back since! ;)

Photo credit Google Images
First off, the cast is amazing. They work so well together & these characters aren't easy to play. They're messed up and kinda off, but they're down to earth and totally make the show worth watching.

{Temperance Brennan}

photo credit Google Images

Kudos to Emily Deschanel for playing Dr. Brennan; she is the most tough character to play. She's so socially awkward & unprepared but she's got the right heart & works hard at everything she does. Not to mention she's smart...and she knows it and doesn't hesitate to tell people either.

That's not to say she's not annoying sometimes...her social hardships can get on your nerves. But I love her character anyways!

{Seeley Booth}

Ohhh, don't even get my started on Booth. Not only is he nice to look at {yeah, I said it...along with Dr. Brennan. Numerous times.} but he's caring & always looking out for Brennan. Always there to save her when she puts her foot in her mouth, and the best part is he's a big ol' kid at heart. Loves to laugh & joke with Hodgins, and the will-they-or-wont-they tension between him & Dr. Brennan is always there...and makes the show what it is.

Now that they're going to have a baby together, things are gonna get weird, I think! ;)

{Jack Hodgins & Angela Montenegro}

photo credit Wikipedia.com

Gotta love these two; they are so cute together but they're awesome on their own. Hodgins...oh boy, he's just like Booth for me. Love those two! Hodgins is so sarcastic sometimes, and has this sense of dry humor that keep you laughing. P.S. His hair? To. die. for. Right? & the eyes ::swoon::  As for Angela, she's her own person, an amazing artist & knows he way around the world. Oh yes, I love these two together! & now that's they're together {like, married together} and have a baby, I can't wait to see what's up for them!

{Lance Sweets}

photo credit Wikipedia.com
 I guess some people think Sweets is annoying, always telling people what to do but I happen to think he's ADORABLE. For serious. He's in a three way tie with Booth & Hodgins. I guess I just like all the Bones guys. ;)
{Camille Saroyan}
photo credit Wikipedia.com
I love Cam so much...the way she had a thing with Booth but let it go {and still acts professionally at work}, the way she brought in her dead ex-fiancee's daughter & adopted her, and the way she's strict...sometimes. She can party when she wants to.

So there's my fan post about Bones. Like I said, when I like a show, I love a show whole-heartedly. :D


scenes from our weekend

{Saturday 7.23}
Earlier in the week, Samantha suggested that we meet at the Coffee Shack to catch up & tell her all about my camp stories & drink strawberry smoothies while I sipped my peach iced tea. I said "Oh yes, count me in!". It also happened to be the night that Alex's band(s), Caesura Surrender & Close Up on the Quiet Ones, was playing at the Coffee Shack, along with Perpetual Psalmodoty. Check all these bands out because they. are. awesome.

I love how my dress matched the pink stripe in their blanket covering the couch.

Peach tea!! :D It's crazy how good this stuff is.

 Don't even get me started on the cinnamon rolls...they are delicious & at 2 bucks I get one almost every time I go.

 On to the music!

Yes, I'm aware that the focus is on the stained glass, NOT Miss Lori & Mr. Ken. But I kinda like it...you?
 The view from our table in the conference type room...

 Close up on the Quiet Ones...

Perpetual Psalmodoty...

I am by no means Lindsay & can take awesome music photos...but I have to say this might be the favorite of the night for me. What do you think?

Caesura Surrender...

There were other cameras there: Miss Helen with her HUGE camera that intimidates me, and Lindsay with her new 60D. No wonder I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do. 


Annaliese wore TOMS...as if she wasn't already cool. I love that girl to death. 

 When the music wrapped up, Sam & I headed on back to the casa and decided to do a little night swimming. Ever wanted a hot tub? Just get in your pool at 9PM & you'll be really warm. True story.

After our night time adventure, we took hot showers & ate popcorn out of Solo cups & dragged my mattress into Clark's room so we could all sleep in there. It was an awesome night. 

{Sunday 7.24}

Sunday we all went to our respective churches, went to Sam's Club & ran into half the people that we know {OK, so it was only two families. But still, you can't go into Sams without running into someone you know}. We ran home just in time to eat lunch then greet the Waters clan for an afternoon of swimming & sun! 

Lots of sliding going on around here...

Technically, they went down feet first. See how they bend the rules? ;)

There was lots of floating...and it was awesome. I'm still working on that tan every wants to kill me for...

This might be my new favorite picture EVER of my two guys. LOVE <3

 We had an invasion of the killer wasps that afternoon & the boys took it upon themselves to kill each & every bug that flew near them. Thus, we had a pile of wasp parts cooking on the pavement. It was gross yet oddly fascinating. & I learned that I'm afraid of wasps because I flew out of the float in a less-than-graceful manner, screaming the entire way down.

See what I mean about the floats? We were super relaxed & tanned by the end of the day...

This is Brock. Brock, these are my blog readers. They now think you're some crazy rocker dude that has his mouth open all the time. & they might be partly right... ;)

Cousin LOVE <3

 I honestly had no idea why that were in Gran Jan's trunk or what they were talking about, but it was too sweet not to snap a pic of those boys.

Brock's face cracks. me. up. in the first photo. 

I skipped out on the family to go to WOL since my BBF's from Jamesville that I met at camp were joining us. It was awesome to see them again; when you see your friends for 8 days straight & they see you at your best {and your worst}, then don't see them face-to-face for 8 days...you go through friend withdrawl. So I freaked when I saw Hannah, Jack, & Sam. High fives & hugs all around. :)

There ya go, my weekend...in a not so condensed version.