bucket list {blog party + giveaway}

My stylish, sophisticated, beautiful photographer blogging friend, Polka Dot is having a bucket list blog party/giveaway, and if you know me, I love a good bucket list. Obviously, this is an shortened version of whatever pops into my head while I'm writing this post, but making a full list of everything I want to do in life before I die is going to happen...soonish. ;)

{1} Go on a missions trip.
{2} Get married in between the two barns behind our house.
{3} Seriously consider domestic adoption.
{4} Sponsor a third world child & write them letters weekly.
{5} Take a trip to a country overseas.
{6} Own a beach house & furnish it all by myself.
{7} Learn what buttons do what on each and every camera I own before I upgrade to a newer model.
{8} Buy a Ford so I can be that person that drives an American made car.
{9} Have a surprise party and have no clue it was happening ::hint hint nudge nudge to all my friends::
{10} Be one of those famous bloggers without trying at all.

And there you are: my bucket list. Abridged, but a little glimpse into what I want my to do with the already great life God's given me!

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