sweet 16 birthday party {by linsday}

Remember how I casually mentioned there were 3 cameras taking pictures at my sweet 16th birthday party? And I was in heaven hearing all the shutters click capturing the memories? As soon as I got home from camp, I checked out Lindsay's blog to see if she has posted her pictures and, sure enough, there they were, hanging out in Lindsay's SmugMug...waiting to be shared with you readers!

And, without further ado, I give you my sweet 16th birthday: through the lens of Lindsay's camera...

THE HAIR, ya'll. I die. 

{sweet Mother dear}

Just a few of our awesome drinks...

Ha, need any proof that I hide behind my camera? ;)

And...as if you needed further proof that there were a bajillion cameras hanging around...

{Kaley manned my camera for awhile}

I'm a weirdo & make people laugh from my pure weirdness.

Beautiful Katie girl.

Cheesecake time!! Again!

Photographic proof that Clark & Dad were at the party...

Present time!

It's still one of my favorite presents a month later.

OK, on to the technical stuff...All photos are copyright Lindsay Cortright, so don't you dare try to pass them off as your own. No one is as amazing as mah photographer friend. :D

P.S. You can see all 72 of the pictures HERE on her SmugMug!

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