Driver's Ed experiences

Oh boy, the stories I have for you readers. Like my title says, Driver's Ed was quite the experience.

Now, I don't kid myself about what goes on in public schools. Having a teacher for a Dad means you're bound to hear weird stories that can't possibly be true...but they are. And, I have public school friends that tell me things too, so I knew what I was walking into: a place where I was going to be the only homeschooled teen AND possibly the only Christian.

So, are you ready to have your mind blown?? ;)

{The Good}: I actually learned something, ya'll. Actual things that will help me be a better & more cautious driver And yes, I realize that has to be the most stupid statement EVAH because what did I expect from the class where, by definition, is a place that you further your knowledge?? Well, to be honest: not a whole lot. I'm a firm believer that you can't teach something like driving in a classroom and until you're put in a potentially dangerous situation, you never know how you'll react.

With that being said, my expectations for the class were at an all time low. My thoughts were justified at some points during the class because hello! There's only so much you can take when you're discussing what colors the lines on the road mean. Some of it was just basic stuff that you know as soon as you realize you're in a moving vehicle!!

I also had the luxury of having a no nonsense teacher, one who'd been teaching Driver's Ed for 11 yrs & regular teaching for over 20. He knew what he was talking about, didn't stand for any fooling around, but at the same time was a super strict & super tough teacher.

Driver's Ed is bad enough to go through, but to go through it alone? without a friend?! Count me out. But alas, I had to do it without a bestie nearby. However, I did make a couple friends there, and they were lifesavers! It was so great to just stand beside someone & say a couple things about the weather or whatever.

Finally, the last good part was that the workload was easy as pie, and I was thrilled!! We had so much going on, and having a lot of homework was great! :D

{The Bad}: There were a lot of things that I knew already, which caused me to zone out sometimes and my teacher didn't stand for that. Luckily, I'd shake myself out of it and look alive for the rest of the day, then take my nap later that day at home. ;)

The only other thing that wasn't all that great was the fact that a lot of the kids were barely 14 and a half, and they were jerks sometimes. That might sound harsh, but they were immature at times, and it got old real fast.

{The Ugly}: Like I said in the beginning, public school is not a great place for anyone with morals, to tell you the truth. That being said, there was this little thing called language. And my little I mean there was a LOT. Left & right.

The first time was from my acquaintance Sara, calling someone a...well, I'm sure you can guess. Then I swear {ha, no pun intended} I heard the girl over from my tablemate, Shayla, mutter the Fword. I sat there in shock, looking at the girl, then to the teacher. Rinse, lather, repeat. He apparently didn't hear and she got off scot-free. Boo hiss.

The second {and last}, but worse instance had to be when we were on our last break. To set up the scene, my tablemate Shayla, had just gotten a retainer and Jacob {her friend, who was the leader of the jerks} made fun of the way she talked with it, saying a bad word in the process. She retaliated by saying "{Bleep} you, Jacob." Sara & I looked at each other in awe, and I called them out about it, saying "OMG with the language, guys. Why do you have to say it?!" Then one of Jacob's cohorts, Matt I think, said the Fword repeatedly along with every other word he thought he knew...all while looking me in the eye. I stared him down then finally walked away the better man, er, woman.

So, that's what I spent my last two weeks doing. How are you readers? I feel so out of touch, so leave your happenings in the comments & I'll reply!

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