almost wordless wednesday: youth group girls

Consider this a teaser to the camp pictures...I'm slowly working my way through all 427 pics trying to decide which ones are blog worthy when, in reality, all of them are. I just had to share these pics of all the beautiful & talented young women I got to spend 8 days with.

{L to R: Annagrace, Azelin, Bethany, and Margaret}

{Margaret & Annagrace. & yes, they're sisters}

{Kaley & Hannah}


{Margaret & Kaley}

{Kaley & Azzie}

{Azzie & Lauren}

{Me & Kaley}

{My new camp BBF who I text almost every day now, Hannah, and I}

{Joy & Annagrace}

{Bethany holding [yes, holding] Kaley}

{Kelley & Kaley}

{Me & Lauren}

{Joy [one of our amazing counselor] & Lauren}

{Me & Joy}

{Me & Veronica}

{Me & Kelley}
I love each & every one of these girls to death, and got to know most of them pretty well over the week. They are such gorgeous & talented young ladies serving God in everything they do, including putting up with me! ;)

I love you, Landmark WOL girlies!! 
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