Just a little warning: this might contain some spoilers for people that have never watched the show, especially the early seasons. I've watched up until the second episode of Season 6 {currently watching them as reruns online} so things might be missing from my info but I love this show...and you can probably tell, ha!

the Bones logo on Instant Netflix {photo credit Google Images}
If you've frequented the blog as of late, you know that I'm kinda sorta in love with the TV show Bones {along with IleneLauren, so they're, like, my BFFs now}. But first, a little backstory...

 Lots of my family & friends were into Bones, but when I was informed about the flesh eating beetles, I was totally turned off on that nasty show. Seriously, flesh eating beetles? I imagined huge cockroach things eating dead people {which IT'S NOT. trust me.}

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But enter in Netflix, the fact that I could watch it instantly, and all my blogging heros were into it {the aforementioned Ilene, Lauren, and Ruthanne, just to name a few}. So I clicked that little play button & haven't looked back since! ;)

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First off, the cast is amazing. They work so well together & these characters aren't easy to play. They're messed up and kinda off, but they're down to earth and totally make the show worth watching.

{Temperance Brennan}

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Kudos to Emily Deschanel for playing Dr. Brennan; she is the most tough character to play. She's so socially awkward & unprepared but she's got the right heart & works hard at everything she does. Not to mention she's smart...and she knows it and doesn't hesitate to tell people either.

That's not to say she's not annoying sometimes...her social hardships can get on your nerves. But I love her character anyways!

{Seeley Booth}

Ohhh, don't even get my started on Booth. Not only is he nice to look at {yeah, I said it...along with Dr. Brennan. Numerous times.} but he's caring & always looking out for Brennan. Always there to save her when she puts her foot in her mouth, and the best part is he's a big ol' kid at heart. Loves to laugh & joke with Hodgins, and the will-they-or-wont-they tension between him & Dr. Brennan is always there...and makes the show what it is.

Now that they're going to have a baby together, things are gonna get weird, I think! ;)

{Jack Hodgins & Angela Montenegro}

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Gotta love these two; they are so cute together but they're awesome on their own. Hodgins...oh boy, he's just like Booth for me. Love those two! Hodgins is so sarcastic sometimes, and has this sense of dry humor that keep you laughing. P.S. His hair? To. die. for. Right? & the eyes ::swoon::  As for Angela, she's her own person, an amazing artist & knows he way around the world. Oh yes, I love these two together! & now that's they're together {like, married together} and have a baby, I can't wait to see what's up for them!

{Lance Sweets}

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 I guess some people think Sweets is annoying, always telling people what to do but I happen to think he's ADORABLE. For serious. He's in a three way tie with Booth & Hodgins. I guess I just like all the Bones guys. ;)
{Camille Saroyan}
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I love Cam so much...the way she had a thing with Booth but let it go {and still acts professionally at work}, the way she brought in her dead ex-fiancee's daughter & adopted her, and the way she's strict...sometimes. She can party when she wants to.

So there's my fan post about Bones. Like I said, when I like a show, I love a show whole-heartedly. :D

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