hello monday {16}: july 4th edition

{hello monday: july 4th edition}
{hello sleeping in}
{hello catch up QT [quiet time]}
{hello catch up blogging}
{hello breakfast}
{hello last minute prep for the cookout}
{photo credit}
{hello lunch}
{hello chilling/napping in the afternoon}
{hello Nichols family for a cookout}
{hello fun & good food}
{photo credit}
{hello rushing around getting ready}
{hello short ride to the town commons}
{hello raindrops that sent us running for the car}
{hello fireworks show}
{hello thunderstorms}
{hello sweet bed}

{hello monday: july 4th edition}

Here's to all of our men & women who have served/are currently serving to preserve what we're celebrating today: freedom. Freedom is never free. 
Happy 4th, readers!!  

This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due.

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