i'm a Driver's Ed grad

Oh yes, I'm forever done with the class portion of Driver's Ed!! I think now would be an appropriate time to do a...happy dance!!

::happy dance happy dance happy dancey dance time::

OK, now that you've been subjected to my dancing skillz {which are non-existent} things shall hopefully return to normal around here. Lots of posts coming atcha, readers, including a post all about my Driver's Ed experiences...and boy, there are some serious stories.

Happy almost the end of the week readers!!

Favorite Things Friday + Saturday Shopping {8}

Today I'm linking up with Kim's  Favorite Things Friday and Gussy's  Saturday Shopping blogging meme's. I absolutely love finding new Etsy pretties and sharing them with you, so here we go!
Warning: Lots of cuteness coming your way. Just sayin'.}

Remember Memorial Day's FTF + SS was all red white and blue? Well, how fitting to have another round of the patriotic colors gracing your computer screen!!


{1. Summer Dangle Earrings}
{2. Blue Necklace}
{3. White Pearl Wrapped Ring}
{4. Red Ball Necklace}
{5. Vintage Navy Blue Earrings}
{6. Solid Cream Distressed Frames}
{7. Red & Black Damask Parrot Clutch}
{8. Ocean Pearl Cluster Bracelet}
{9. Creamy White Heart Flowers}
{10. No Zip Pencil Skirt}
{11. Floral Handbag }
{12. Spring Flower Headband}

Happy 3 day weekend, readers!!


miss molly: a legacy

Mrs. Molly Kay, 46, went to meet her Lord and Savior Sunday, June 26, 2011.
Molly Kay was a devoted wife, mother, teacher, and friend. She orchestrated the affairs of the household and supported Eddie in his career. She was committed to raising their kids in a Godly home emphasizing the importance of honoring God in their education. She was always looking for a good recipe and enjoyed cooking healthy food for her family. Molly was very involved and supportive of her kid’s interests. It brought a lot of joy to her heart to see them express their creativity through their sewing, photography, cooking, art and blogging. The following verse ministered to her especially during the last two years throughout her courageous battle with cancer. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31.
She is survived by her: husband of 25 years and the love of her life, Eddie;
daughters, Katie and Emily;
son, Andrew, all of the home...

As many of you readers know, Miss Molly passed away this past Sunday after a week long battle in the hosptial. When she was admitted on that Saturday June 18th, we had thought this was a minor thing, at least I did. Little did we know she would be running & dancing in the arms of Jesus just a week later. 

Miss Molly leaves behind a legacy like no other, and you'd know that from hearing one paragraph of the 3 speeches her friends said at her funeral service. I haven't cried like I did Tues. & today, both at the visitation and the funeral/graveside. Just ask Andrew; I gave him a sobbing one armed hug. ;) Her service was beautiful & I sat in awe of the sweet things everyone said about her.

It hasn't quite set in yet...for any of us. When we went back to the family's house to have a dinner, I kept thinking "This is for Miss Molly. Why isn't she here?" And then I remembered and had to stop tears from falling. Emily told me she keeps thinking her mom is taking a nap or out running errands, but she remembers like I do.

If ya'll would, please keep the whole family in your prayers. This is such a time of transition & grieving in their family so they need your prayers for the Lord's strength in their family. Also, if you would pray for all of us, the family's friends...we need the wisdom of what to say to comfort them in this time. It's foreign territory for me, and I'm so afraid of saying something insenstive or not thinking before I speak, which I do. A lot. 

Here's to the life and legacy of Miss Molly! We love you.

WIWW {14}

Today I'm linking up with Lindsey for WIWW {What I Wore Wednesday}. Initially, it was started to keep Lindsey accountable and wear things {real clothes! gasp!} other than yoga pants and sweatshirts. Now it's blossomed into over 150+ bloggers joining in and sharing fashion tips/tricks for other WIWW particpants. 
All the cool kids are doing it. GussyLisa LeonardKimMoriah, and Lindsey herself. I'm not one to buckle under the peer pressure, but I've jumped on the bandwagon. I think it's a great way to show you guys what I wear...without having to wear skirts for a week.

All pink this week, ya'll!! 

{Shirt: SoCal beach shop}
{Skirt: JCPenny's}
{Bracelet: SoCal beach shop}
{Shoes [not pictured]: Target}

{Shirt: PCC Bookstore}
{Tank Top: Target}
{Jeans: Old Navy}

{back view of the dress}

{Tank Top: Target}
{Dress [actually a coverup]: Target}
{Shoes: Target}
Happy middle of the week, readers!!


still alive & kickin'

So, have you wondered about my whereabouts this week, readers??

 First off, I'm been taking Driver's Ed every morning this week, save for today {thank the Lord; He knew we had to keep our sanity somehow}. Second, I volunteered at our church VBS as the nursery sitter, cutting into my blogging big time. Thus, I've been silent in the blogosphere!

But never fear; lots of backtracking will take place over the weekend as I catch up with my blogging, so be on the lookout for many many many posts from SimplySA to flood your reader/dashboard/whatever you use to read my blog.

Happy Friday readers!!


my sweet 16th birthday {2011}

Before we get to all the fun pictures & such, I have to say this since I try to be real on the ol' blog: I was down about my party, and still kinda am. Many of my friends weren't able to come {lots are/were out of town or had conflicts}, and while I know that it wasn't their fault and that they truly wanted to come, it was hard for me to see 5 people walk through the doors when I had invited 15. 

That's not to say I didn't have a blast with my close friends that were able to come, because I totally did!! I had 3 cameras snapping pictures, so hopefully you'll be able to feel like you were really there!! 

A week ago Saturday, me & my family threw a sweet 16 party at the Coffee Shack. It could quite possibly be the best coffee shop in the world, but I guess I'm a little bias. ;)

The party started at 2PM, but it didn't really get cranking until 3PM when everyone had gotten there drinks & struck up a conversations about anything and everything...

{my awesome curly haired cousin, Samantha}

A strawberry smoothie thing for Kaley...

...and an iced mocha for moi!

{Sweet Emmylou & Katie were able to come for a couple hours even though Miss Molly was admitted to the hospital that day. That's why I call her my bestie. :)}

See what I mean about the cameras?? They were snapping away so much we were having to talk over them, but I wouldn't had have it any other way. Taking pictures makes me HAPPY!!

Hey, it's me! Thanks to Kaley for snapping this photo.

Clark & Dad were in attendence as well, but didn't come out from under their laptop induced coma until it was cheesecake time!

::sigh:: I love this girl... P.S. Now's a good time to compare our non-resemblance; I don't think we look anything alike. Thoughts??

Cake time! And, funny backstory...I used to be a stickler for a homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Fast forward to my 13 birthday and I decided I didn't want to make my own cake, so we got one from Sam's. Then I decided that cheesecake would be even better and I've kept up the tradition ever since!!

Putting in the candles...

Can you see the 16 written by the candles?? And Dad made sure that we had 16 candles to write them with...

Everyone sang to me, and it was awkward... ;)

Enjoying the cheesecake... {L to R: Emily, Kaley, Linsday}

Other side of the table: {L to R: Katie, Me, Clark, and Dad}

After cake was winding down, we decided to open gifts so we could skedadle outta there at 5...

The best present was a AUTOGRAPHED photo book called "To Marci, With Love" by Jimo Perini. He's 93 & lives in Italy!

We ended the day with hugs & birthday wishes. ::sigh:: It was a great day! Again, to all my IRL peeps reading this, thanks for making me so special on my birthday; I feel loved!!

Happy weekend, readers!