luke's 1yr old photoshoot

Last Monday night, I had a stroke of genius & text Miss Beth about her thoughts on having a photoshoot with her kids Clara, Luke, & Jack. She replied back saying that would be WONDERFUL!! I was so excited I have no idea how I slept that night.

After tea, we started getting the kiddos ready, and they were NOT happy. Miss Beth handled so calmly I just stared at her & said, "Man, I want to be like her." Once everyone had been primped and dressed in their best, we went to the park and had an ::ahem:: tiny bit of trouble getting everyone to look at the camera. I now have a new & deep appreciation for children's photogs.

And one more thing: I put on my telephoto lens to have that awesomely awesome bokeh in the background, and even changed to full manual mode from a little bit. Is it weird to say I'm proud of myself?! Because I totes am.

On to the pictures of these beautful kiddos!!

Studying the ground...

I love these two pictures. What brotherly love! <3

Funny story about this one: Luke was being cranky & making cranky faces, obvs, then he burps SO loud & the other kids crack up. One of my favorites even though Luke isn't looking!

Phew!! After more than an hour of shaking our booties & bribes with cherry soda & toys to produce smiles, we ended up with lots of outtakes and GREAT individual shots, we got these photos you see here. A huge thanks to the Harvins for letting me have a blast that afternoon!!

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