Bible Study Girls Pool Party

In full disclosure, some of these pics will look familiar, as in you've seen then on Emily's post. Truth is, she copied all of MY pictures {since my camera was used for all the group shots} and put them on FB AND her blog. I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't being a copycat. :)

Last Friday I had the honor of inviting all my Bible Study girls out for a kickoff summer pool party. Lots of us are going different places for the summer, going away to the WOL Bible Institute, and just generally parting ways for a little while. Since some aren't going to be back next year, I offered to host a pool party at the ol' farm {joking, we only had 5 chickens} as a kickoff to the summer!

Not everyone could get there early in the afternoon, but Katie, Emily, and Sam were able to enjoy 2 hrs. of peaceful floating whilst talking about everything under the sun.

{Sam, floating the day away}

{i had serious bathing suit envy, ya'll. isn't it so pretty and summery?!}


Veronica was the next guest to arrive, and by that time is was almost dinner so we chowed down on lots of munchies before heading back in the water...

{cookies!! apparently they were on display at Food Lion or something because we ended up with 2 things of cookies! and it was really funny, actually}

The photog-in-training, Veronica, scouting out good pictures. And her words between the left pic & the right? "Oh yeah, we have to do that thing where we take pictures of each other taking a picture of the another!" I think I've rubbed off on her... ;)

By the time 5 o'clock rolled around, we'd had a nice little break and decided it was time to jump back in to cool off. By the time we had made it over, the Tyndall girls arrived and joined us immediately!

Poor Emily had to be the slide guinea pig and "test" it for us...

{Kelly, the younger Tyndall AKA the life of the party. i love her to death}

Lindsay stole the only real float {we have 2 but one is missing the seat part so it's basically a U shaped tube of air} and cheesed it up big time for me. I love this girl to death too!! 

We all had to get pictures with the guest of honor, Miss Lorraine's daughter Anna, home from WOL Bible Institute in Florida for a couple days...

{Anna & Kelley}

{Anna & Emily}

{Anna & Aubrey, best friends!}

Kelley manned Emmylou's camera for her while I snapped some shots of her and her awesome photog skillz...

Pink toes!

{Anna & Emily}

{Anna & Veroncia}

And apparently it was show us your cartwheel skillz night as well {and yes, Anna & Aubrey will probably KILL me for posting these, but they are too.funny.} I mean, look at the hands & Aubrey's face!

Someone decided to pile on the slide and then we were all like "Take a picture quick before the legs collapse." It was only after the party that Dad said he wasn't sure that it was going to hold us all.

Someone ::cough cough Anna the crazy person cough cough:: decided we'd go out to the fields across my house and take what else? Jump shots!

But holy long walk batman! I think it was a mile both ways, not lying.

And another but: we had to take band cover shots. in all the pics it is as follows: Me, Sam, Aubrey, Mikelea, Kelly {in her bathing suit, no less}, Lindsay, Katie, Anna, Veronica, and Emmylou.

The picture you've been waiting for: the jump shot!!

Then we decided to act like normal people and pose normally. Cause that's what normal people do, duh!

Another then: we decided to hold Anna across us and get a picture of that small miracle, because there was a slight shoe malfunction, as pictured below...

On the way back aka another mile back to the house. Keep in mind we were all in bathing suits and it was upwards of 8:30PM. Yeah...

{Sam & Lindsay}

{Kelley, Sam, and Lindsay}

Best friends acting crazy and pausing in the middle of the road to take pictures. And, fun fact: Emily was screaming at me because they was yards away, haha!

It was close to 9PM when everyone left, but Sam, Kelley, Linds, and Veronica stayed and listen to me ramble on and on and on about life.

Thanks to everyone for coming out & making this a day to remember!! I love each and every one of you Fall Bible Study girls and thank God that you're in my life! Aw, now I'm all sappy & emotional...

Happy Friday readers!

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