homeschool gradution/linds grad party

Last Friday {in an effort to distract myself from the ACT testing the next morning}, Mama & I attended the homeschool graduation for the 2011 graduating class, including a couple of our friends, Grey Gillete & Kimi Combs. 

It was pretty awesome. Lots of great words of wisdom for the grads, lots of tears from the parents, and lots of picture taking. Well...not on my part, I only snapped the two pictures you see here. FAIL.

Speaking of gradutions, a couple weeks ago my lifelong friend Linsday had an at-home gradution. I did remember to take pictures of that, of course... ;) 

Her Linden Tree Photography business cards... LOVE <3

Way to go, Linds!!

She had pretty flowers on her grad table, and I'm totally stealing that idea.

The epic photo booth that I never got a chance to take a picture in. :( No worries, it was epic without me.

All finished!
There were presents...and not one of them was mine. Consider this your card & present, friend!! ;)

Linds with her dance posse:

And getting a picture of someone getting a picture is mandatory, you know...

I love this little guy... {Linds' cousin Carter}

Death by curly hair!! {Sweet Emmylou}

Laughter was abundant that afternoon... {Linds' Uncle Jeremy}

There was lots of hair touching, too...

Bahaha, her friend in the back cracks me up.

Kelley, who also goes to mah church...

During the slideshow Lindsay put together, I got these pictures, and melt.my.heart. They are adorbs!!

 The grad herself, in the cap she wore for only a few seconds... ;)

I now love this book. I'm going to buy it and read it to my children every night and cry while I read it.


Signing her guest book, something I forgot to do until the last minute.

Way to go, Linds!! You'll go far in the world, whatever you decide to do. And, based on your talent alone, you're already perfect. :)

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